In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we give 3 tips for marketing to generation Z.

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With all the buzz around Millennials, a new generation is trailing close behind that is gaining the attention of companies and marketers alike. We are talking about Generation Z. According to Forbes these are individuals born between 1994-2010. These people are born with the internet and the need for high speed. Before you dismiss this generation as irrelevant now, keep in mind the earliest stages are now entering the workforce, are budding entrepreneurs (with an estimated 72%want to start their own business over working as an employee), and are exercising their influence in the market.

Before writing this generation off as the “up and comers of tomorrow”, join me or the next few minutes as I share with you three tips that will better position you to influence this generation, while improving your results with millennials and gen-Xers alike.


  1. Be Memorable. Generation Z likes to scroll through their newsfeed, while texting with their friends and doing their HW all at once. This means that this level of distraction, requires a creative way to hold their attention. Enter their world, via Snapchat or Vine, and get inventive. Keep it short and sweet and test various messages until you find one that resonates.
  2. Curate Content. Generation Z loves to create content, video, images, stories online. Brands can spend less time creating original content, and more time connecting with the users who are essentially creating it for them. Use their unique content to distribute on your social channels and form a connection of influence with your audience.
  3. Communicate Their Way. Generation Z communicates quickly, with symbols, stickers, memes, video, etc. Companies must create messaging that relates to this generation’s way of receiving new information. If you make it worth their while, and identify with their world, they’ll share it on their profiles and that to them is the ultimate form of approval.


  • Be relevant to a new generation that is increasing market share
  • Have your content shared more widely through social media
  • Acquire a new audience segment; willing to purchase your product/service
  • Establish brand exposure to a sector of your target audience

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