In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we discuss ways to measure your content marketing ROI.

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As we’ve discussed previously, the world of social is becoming a staple marketing channel for all business types. Part of this world is the direct paid marketing that is available, including options from direct response ads, like the Facebook and Twitter lead gen ads and the LinkedIn display and text ads, to sponsored updates. The options are growing and changing on nearly a daily basis.

But many companies are reluctant to invest marketing budgets into paid social advertising. Some have never tried it and dismiss as something that “won’t work for our business,” while others have stuck their toe in it but didn’t see the results they desired. In many cases, good result can be achieved with if you understand how to best approach targeting the right users and crafting the right message.

So make a small investment in Social Marketing and stay with me for the next few minutes for three tips on how to better target and convert that will transform the results you can expect from paid social marketing.


  1. Market To Current Customers

It’s no surprise that developing more business from your current customer base is less expensive than acquiring a new one. When marketing on social platforms, don’t forget about your current list of subscribers and customers who already know of your brand and could either purchase another similar ticket item or upgrade to a more expensive purchase. Many social platforms allow you to upload a list of current customers’ email address to create your tailored custom list.

  1. Use Keywords In Ads

Messaging and visuals in an ad are important, but more-so is any keyword triggered from such ads. To gain better results from your paid social efforts, do some research using any keyword planner or keyword trends tool that shows you what keywords in your industry space is generating the most buzz. Use that knowledge and apply it to your ad messaging. These triggered keywords will resonate more with the audience you want to target, and could elicit greater campaign results.

  1. Use Look-A-Like Audience Feature

Look-A-Like Audience tool uses your current customer list, to find similar audiences that have the same interests and behaviors. This separate customized list helps you reach an audience that is much more likely to convert, and often will cost you less to acquire than other targeting methods.


  • Spend Less On Your Social Ad Campaigns
  • Increase your Conversion Ratio
  • Reach More Desirable Target Audiences
  • End Up With A Successful Campaign

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