In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we discuss social media marketing and give tips for CEOs and other executives.

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Despite the growing trend of company leaders participating in social media there are many more CEOs, who are still apprehensive about pitching in on any social chatter. According to a report, nearly 61% of CEOs have no social presence whatsoever! Some worry about the social media blowback if they say the wrong thing, while others back off because they don’t know how to use the social media networks well.

However, in today’s digital world it is more of a liability for a CEO to stay away from social media as you risk losing touch with customers, prospects, influencers and even your own company employees. And if you are already on social media, it is absolutely critical to have a clear sense of purpose related to your business objectives. So here are some tips on how to be a better social CEO and leverage social media strategically for visibility, client engagement and competitive advantage.


1. Listen in

Customers are more eager to engage in a two-way communication with a brand. They don’t want to be “talked to”; they want to be heard too. When you do, social media can be a valuable source of intelligence for your business. As a CEO, use your online presence to solicit invaluable feedback about customer experiences with the company, product or services. These insights can help shape both your brand image and messages. And customers will feel more valued by your company too.

2. Share important company information

Customers no longer look to just advertisements and press releases to learn more about a brand. Social media offers CEOs a powerful, direct communications channel with their audiences. Social networks can be used to share company information, value statements and strategic priorities with customers, stakeholders, and employees.

3. Promote Company Culture

Done right, social media can help CEOs articulate and reinforce company values and culture. It is the CEO who ultimately sets the tone for what the company represents by sharing value-added content such as industry insights, leadership tips and advice, Q&As with followers and more. According to the Social CEO Study by Weber Shandwick, over 52% of executives with social CEOs say it makes them feel inspired. It is obvious that social media is a powerful leadership tool and CEOs can leverage it to improve employee engagement.

4. Be authentic

Social CEOs are viewed as more transparent and honest by consumers, employees, and stakeholders alike. A well-liked CEO can often negotiate better deals, inspire executives or even successfully

overcome a company crisis because of his or her reputation. It pays to be honest on social media but do avoid sharing personal opinions on sensitive topics such as religion or politics, and know that trust is earned slowly and surely.

Richard Branson is a great example to follow when it comes to leveraging social media. He has tweeted 15.5K times and follows 3,844 other Twitter users. In his words, CEOs have to “Be authentic and organic. It can’t be forced or it won’t work. And most importantly, have fun.”


CEOs have a huge role in shaping their company’s brand though social media, whether it is through articles, posting links to blogs, websites or tweeting about company news. With the correct social strategy and the right balance of information, CEOs can raise personal kudos and gain huge returns for relatively little investment. The trick is to think of social media as an opportunity and not an obligation.

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