In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we talk about likability and ways you can improve your brands appeal.

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Merriam Webster defines the adjective ‘likable’ as having qualities that bring about a favorable regard. Why would we consider likability when discussing digital marketing? According to experts in the field of influence and persuasion, likability is a persuasive tool. So, if you, or your brand, are likeable, it affects your chances of influencing others.

And, that is precisely what we’re attempting to do with every marketing effort we make. It’s imperative that prospects like your brand. After all, it’s who you are. Bottom line: likability affects conversion. And, conversion affects cash flow…..if I didn’t have your attention before I bet I do now.

If customers like you, they talk about you, they refer their friends to you, and they buy from you.

So, how do you measure likability with regards to your online presence? Basically, likability is measured by two main things:

* Brand appeal

* Bottom-line revenue.

You can tell if people like your brand appeal by observing your customers’ actions. For instance, they may:

* follow you on social media.

* spend time on your website.

* subscribe to your email list.

* read your blog.


The burning question is – how do you improve upon likability? Of course, likability is subjective. You can’t really make anyone like you. But, you can hedge your bets. Let’s look at a few actions you can take:

* Know your customer – and like them. As we discussed in a previous episode, the only way to truly know your customer is to define them by developing personas. And then, engaging with them.

* Be transparent. What does this mean? It means, let your customers see who you really are on social media platforms. Don’t overthink what your image should be or try to be something you aren’t. Your authenticity will translate as both honesty and integrity to your customers.

* Which brings up another good quality. Be authentic.

* Along those lines, let your customers know what you stand for – who your brand is and how it fits into the world’s stage. Allow them to participate. Most everyone these days, especially the younger market, wants to belong. They yearn for that sense of community. Of being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Here’s a downside: sometimes being similar and taking a stand conflict. Some may not like you for a stand you take. But, that’s ok. Remember, authenticity is key. Know who you are and don’t be afraid to let the world know.

* Be very good at what you do. Be substantial.

* Sometimes, be funny.

* Offer prompt, helpful customer service.


As is the case with personal likability, brand likability takes a little nurturing. A little cultivation. There are lots of online and offline resources that can provide more details. But, the main thing is that people like you for who you are and what you stand for. They like you when you smile at them. When you compliment them. When you take the time to do that in the digital world, your followers, prospects and customers will like you all the more.

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