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Learn How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Search Results by 350%. Studies show that search engine optimization, when done by a specialist in the field, can dramatically increase traffic to your site. Likewise, both pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM) drive targeted traffic to your site. Each of these programs, individually, can mean an increase to the bottom line of your company.

An integrated online marketing strategy can increase the traffic of both programs due to synergistic effects. Ultimately, your goal is to dominate the search engine results pages for keywords of focus so that you have a critical 'Share of Page' much like Coca-Cola has the goal of owning a dominant 'share of stomach' whether you drink their colas, fruit juices or water.

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Learn How Recent Academic Research Supports Anecdotal Online Marketing Results

"Given the tremendous growth of online advertising, many academic research projects are recently completed that (finally) give objective analysis of online marketing, along with guidance on how to increase your effectiveness. DirectiveGroup has pulled together some of this information into a Fact Sheet, yours at no obligation, just by selecting the 'Download Factsheet' button below."

Yes, An Honest-To-Goodness, No-Strings-Attached Offer!

Learn about the importance and impact of an integrated Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization program, and what it could mean to your business.


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To Increase Efficiency an Integrated Program Must be a Synergistic Effort

Just because you are doing both SEO and PPC or SEM doesn't mean that you have a truly integrated online marketing strategy. A truly integrated strategy requires a full analysis of your current marketing efforts to properly design a campaign that will increase revenue. To learn more about how an integrated online marketing program can increase your revenue and profits, download the free white paper.

Why DirectiveGroup? Part of DirectiveGroup's mission to learn and educate. In order to be successful in the rapidly changing online world, continuous learning is a must. Check out our blog, which aims to help you grow your online business through tips, tricks, and learning from our research and experience.

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