In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we talk about: How To Increase Your Conversion Rate.

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You have propped up a website to hawk your product or service. You are spending money to drive visitors to your site but maybe you are not doing enough to capitalize on your ads and traffic.  If that is true, then you are likely to have an impossible time clinching the proverbial sale from visitors. Most websites just let the all-important visitors slip right through their virtual clutches, by not focusing on some simple rules that govern sales and website conversions online.

You can generate more revenue on your site simply by leveraging the traffic you already receive. If you think of your website as a shop front at the mall, then you want customers who enter your ‘online store’ to buy something or take a desired action. All it takes is smart marketing and a few tweaks to optimize your site’s conversion rate so that more users take a desired action on your site. While there are different ways to go about improving your conversion rate, you can pick the conversion actions that are most appropriate for your website audience.

Split Test- To know how visitors act on your site and learn about different components of a site that can drive more leads, you should test two distinct variants of the exact same web site pages. For instance, A/B testing or split testing can help you find out what headlines drive more sales, where product images should be placed on your site or what color buttons lead to more click-through’s and so much more. Knowing what works best can help improve your site’s sales conversions.

Improve User Experience On Your Site- Your site design and layout should be a fine balance between both aesthetics and functionality. You should minimize design friction points on your page that keeps a visitor from moving forward towards signing up or purchasing. Leverage easy-to-read font styles and colors, a clear navigation structure, section content carefully between above-the-fold and below-the-fold so that people don’t get bored and click away. Reduce the number of fields in your submission forms to see more conversions. Properly asses and fix any issues with your site’s loading speed and browsability to see conversions.

Answer Questions: Visitors to your site are likely to have questions that they want answers to before making a purchase. If you can anticipate common questions and provide contextually relevant information within the content of relevant pages and detailed FAQs, then you will see a rise in conversions. You can also create interesting content around your most frequently asked questions for your blog.


Site views are great but if they doesn’t convert into tangible profit for your company it’s all been for nothing.  Competition and user choices have increased substantially so you have to constantly monitor and make changes to your site in order to boost conversions. Know that conversion rate optimization is not a quick fix but a consistent effort that requires long-term investment.

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