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Integrated Marketing Program for
Surgical Training

Leads increased 100%, cost decreased 50%
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Case Descriptions

  • Type: Surgical Assistant Training
  • Geographical Coverage: Nationwide
  • Target Audience: Medical Professionals
  • Value Proposition: Formal, Fun, and Effective Surgical Assistant Training

This surgical assistant training company offers a unique opportunity to medical professionals in many positions to advance their career and earning potential by becoming a certified first assistant. The program features online classes supplemented by a 6-day hands-on training course with the founder of the program, a veteran Surgical Assistant.

The company’s website utilized a limited custom Content Management System (CMS) that caused onsite errors and made updating their website nearly impossible. The content was not optimized for search engines or human visitors which limited both the number of leads and the amount of leads that converted into customers (students). We increased both the usability and effectiveness of their website.

  • Improve the effectiveness of content in both attracting and converting leads (students).
  • Provide back-end access to enable owners to update content and manage an event calendar.
  • Implement a CMS that supports Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practice elements.
  • Deliver ROI with a website that would convert leads into students.
  • Develop a high-performing Search Engine marketing (SEM) & On-Page SEO program.



The Website was first rewritten to improve content for increased conversions and taken live with a customized SEM program. Site navigational structure was updated to follow intuitive navigation practice. Search engine friendly content was developed. Awkward site structure was replaced with easy-to-follow navigation that placed emphasis on program descriptions and the founder’s background, their main value propositions. Sections were added to allow visitors to be delivered to information based on their current position on the medical industry.

As additional On-Page SEO efforts were implemented, it became clear that the existing CMS did not allow for the use of many important details such as search engine friendly URLs and unique page meta data so we replaced the existing custom CMS with a Joomla CMS which would resolve both the SEO issues and allow for easier maintenance and updating in the future. Once the new site was in place, On-Page SEO efforts were completed.

The new powerful backend administrative panel (Joomla) allows staff to easily update the databases, event calendars and website content. This increases the client’s independence to make changes to the website, and the resultant frequent updates in content will result in more frequent search engine indexing and should help increase conversions by providing ‘fresher’ information to visitors.

In six months, these are some of the consistent results seen from their integrated online marketing program:

  • Website visits are 26% higher within the six month measurement period.
  • Total conversions (form completion and phone calls) more than doubled, inching near 400 per month.
  • The average lead cost dropped by over 50% from over $6 to just over $4.

The new website, along with the Search Engine Marketing and On-Page Search Engine Optimization provided by Directive Group, has allowed the client to achieve their goal of increased revenue through the use of their online marketing, delivering prospective students to a website that has higher conversion capability.

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