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Integrated Marketing Program for Medical
Orthopedic Practice

32% increase in form completions, 12% increase in lead calls YOY for 5+ years
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Case Descriptions

  • Type: Medical Orthopedic Practice
  • Geographical Coverage: Chicago, Illinois
  • Target Audience: Orthopedic Patients
  • Value Proposition: Comprehensive Orthopedic Practice

A new full-service orthopedic practice was formed by merging several different practices. There are 17 locations throughout the Chicago area with multiple services offered at each location and over 100 practicing physicians.

Although this was the largest orthopedic practice in Chicago, they had no presence in online search engines. They had been spending a majority of their marketing budget on billboards in the area, but they were driving those leads to their former website which was not converting those leads into customers (patients). They wanted to improve their ROI on their advertising dollars by directing customers to a website that would convert leads into customers.

The company had invested time and money into Subscribing to a large catalog of education videos and other educational material, but the way these were used on the former website resulted in them not being indexed by search engines. Customers were not able to find the information they were seeking due to a structure that did not match the way people searched for medical information, nor were services presented in an search engine optimized way. Aside from inability to be indexed well in the search engines, if customers did reach the site, they were not able to engage with the information in a way that led to conversions, a major problem that needed to be solved. Finally, the client wanted a website that could be updated by their staff of non-programmers. They needed backend access that would allow them to update their extensive database easily.

  • Improve the appearance of the website to better reflect the IBJI brand.
  • Make educational resources more easily accessible to visitors.
  • Provide back-end access to enable staff to make on-going changes to information.
  • Deliver ROI with a website that would convert leads into patients.
  • Develop a high-performing search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program.


The website information architecture and navigational structure was completely reorganized. Visitors can now search by physician, location, specialty, and condition. The latter two were specifically designed to support follow-on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing efforts, so visitors can be delivered to specific pages that relate to information they are seeking, as a strategy to increase number of visitors that convert into patients.

The website was created with a powerful backend administrative panel (Joomla) that allows staff to easily update the databases and website content. This increases the client’s independence to make changes to the website, and the resultant frequent updates in content will result in more frequent search engine indexing and should help increase conversions by providing ‘fresher’ information to visitors.

In the past 5+ years of running the integrative marketing program, below you’ll find the consistent results achieved for this client by our ongoing efforts:

  • An estimated 32.66% increase year over year in lead form submissions.
  • An average 12.31% increase year over year in lead phone calls (based on phone tracking measurements).
  • A Consistent average of 600+ lead contacts per month, via forms.
  • A Consistent average of 500+ lead contacts per month, via phone.
  • The average lead cost is under $15, which is considered nominal compared to the revenue per patient.

The new website, along with the Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization and Social Media programs provided by DirectiveGroup, has allowed the client to achieve their goal of increased revenue through the use of their online marketing.

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