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Paid Advertising Program for Medical
Specialty Practice

$1,100 investment returns 724 highly-qualified landing page
visitors in 1 month
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Case Descriptions

  • Type: Specialty Medical Practice
  • Geographical Coverage: Los Angeles Metro
  • Target Audience: Consumers
  • Value Proposition: Skin Cancer Specialist

Needed to cover a large radius because of consumer mobility, but only attract patients within driving distance of four office locations.


Obtain new patients in high profit skin care specialty area, increase number of cosmetic procedure patients. Would need to obtain three new patients for the program to pay for itself, but preferred 5-7 new patients during test period. Goal is to test this new media against previously used media of direct mail and yellow pages.


Media: Google, Yahoo
Length of Campaign: One month
Total Budget: $1,100
Visitors to 4 Targeted Landing Pages: 724
Visitors to High Profit Pages: 256 (35%)
Contact Request Forms/Emails: 4
Number of Page (MAP) Prints: 135
Phone Calls: 166


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