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Reputation Management for Website Hosting Company

Increase in average star rating from 2.1 to 4.7 with 2,261 new reviews
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Case Descriptions

  • Type: Website hosting, development and SEO
  • Geographical Coverage: Global
  • Target Audience: Fortune 500 Businesses

Online B2B services company had a toxic online reputation with a multitude of negative reviews. They were losing business and opportunity due to their bad reputation and seeking a solution that would increase the positive reviews online and increase their credibility with current and future clients.


Reputation Management

The solution was a comprehensive reputation management program which allowed the client to have more control of their online reviews and increase the number of positive reviews. Reputation management works to shape the public perception of a business or organization by creating an environment for positive reviews to be left.

Sixty-percent of consumers are looking at online reviews at least weekly, and a survey by podium showed that 93% of people say online reviews do impact their purchasing decisions. Consumers are looking to see what other people are saying about companies before considering their product or service. So many consumers will not consider a purchase before confirming they can trust a business due to a positive reputation.

Our reputation management programs allowed us to do the following:

  • Implement an active acquisition program to gather new customer reviews at appropriate points in the interaction process, usually at the completion of a transaction.
  • Negative sentiment clean-up for poor online reviews, meditation service to help change outcomes and request updates to reviews that were less than stellar.
  • Retroactive review gathering from previous clients to build out the volume of online reviews.
  • Management of review placement at sites where client’s prospective customers are most likely to be browsing online.
  • Active, real-time problem-solving processes were put in place for negative responses to review requests, to help prevent or mitigate the worst reviews that are submitted about your business.
  • Monthly reporting and trend analysis so data gathered is actionable.


In just 3 months we’ve been able to turn around the client’s reputation by increasing client’s star rating and increasing the volume and variety of the review sites.

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