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Case Descriptions

  • Type: Specialty Dental Practices
  • Geographical Coverage: Phoenix Metro East Valley
  • Target Audience: Consumers
  • Value Proposition: Gentle, caring and affordable
  • Only accept PPO insurance plans and competing against offices who accept state and HDMO plans.
  • Do not offer discounts or promotions and competing against offices who offer significant discounts and promotions to get people in the door.
  • Extremely competitive environment. Several dental practices for every square mile.

Obtain new patients in high specialty dental practices. Would need to obtain 40 new patients per month, per location.


Five-year long SEO/SEM campaign generated new patients for 4 locations. Totals as of September, 2017:

  • Location 1: 2,060
  • Location 2 : 2,265
  • Location 3: 1,435
  • Location 4: 1,570

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