In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we talk about social media and how to develop your “voice” when interacting on various platforms.

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When you’re out and about in the social media sphere, have you noticed different communication styles vary from company to company? Take Target, for example. Their voice is whimsical and personable. Taco Bell is witty and irreverent. Intel is smart and inspirational.

Do you have a voice? If so, how would you describe yours – in 2 words?

Did my question throw you for a loop? Is this something you’ve ever heard of much less given thought to?

We know getting out there in social media – no matter the platform – is the perfect opportunity to engage with people. It’s like going to a party. If you’re a wallflower who only speaks when spoken to no one will pay any attention to you. If you’re that braggart standing in the center of the crowd only espousing the wonders of you, people will soon become bored and walk away.

But, if you’re one who not only listens to what others have to say and then responds in a way they may find fascinating or if you initiate thought-provoking conversation in a way that grabs their attention – at their level – you’ve got a crowd of very interested new friends.

Think about the people you like to be around. Consider their communication styles. Do they make you laugh? Do they make you think? Do they elicit respect? What is it about them?

Of course, the content of their communications is significant. But, think about how they communicate. That’s key. Their inflection. Their word choice. Perhaps, their odd-ball phrases give you pause. It could be any one or any combination of voice, tone and style.


Are you interested in finding out how to discover your own social media voice? Whether your audience is another business or are customers, ultimately you’re selling and talking to people. And, you must be able to relate to them. More importantly, they must be able to relate to you.

So, how do you find your own voice? Your own style? Your own characteristics? Your own personality?

* What’s your company’s culture? What makes you unique? What do you stand for? What makes you stand out? Start with that. Know who you are.

* As I mentioned earlier, good conversation starts with good listening skills. Unless you completely understand what your audience needs or wants, you’ll never have anything of value to say to them.

* Speak the way your target market speaks. Use their lingo. Their terms.

* Always speak sincerely. Remember I told you about the fellow at the party who only wanted to talk about himself. Please…don’t ever be him… Just talk to your audience like you would talk to your friends or your peers. Be comfortable. Be authentic. Be true.


What I’ve outlined here today are basically 3 categories, which consist of tone, persona, and language. Your choices need to fit your ideal audience and the purpose you are trying to convey. Are you trying to inform or entertain? Enlighten or delight? This matters. It is the foundation on which you build everything else.

* Your tone can be clinical or scientific or simply personal, honest and direct.

* Your persona can be authoritative and professional, playful and friendly – or anything in between.

* Your language can run the gambit from jargon-filled to simple and fun.

Brainstorm with your team. Determine who you are. And, then simply start talking. Keep in mind: people want to connect to you. They can get information anywhere.

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