In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we discuss webinars and why they are important for your business.

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A lot of companies today challenged with finding fresh, new ways to attract potential customers and to generate new leads. Are you one of them? It’s hard to find new methods that differentiate yourself from everyone else and yet still contribute something of value.

Let me share a great way for you to produce content that, according to the Content Marketing Institute, is rated by marketers as the third most effective marketing tactic overall.

Are you ready? Webinars!

If you’re not familiar with what a webinar is, let me tell you a little about them. A webinar is a seminar or other presentation that takes place on the internet. It allows participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions and interact not only with the presenter but with the other attendees as well.

Webinars are a brilliant, cost-effective way to not only build your brand, but find new customers and generate new leads because they so easily lend themselves to building community engagement and education.


Though there are quite a few reasons why you might want to consider incorporating webinars into your content marketing strategy, here are 4.

1. First – webinars are one of the few online options whose format allows for attendee interactivity. They allow your prospects to engage with your brand in a more personal way.

2. Second – Anytime you can establish yourself as an expert in your field, it benefits your brand and creates loyalty. People are looking for an answer to their problem – a solution to their need. If you can provide that to them, they will remember and trust you. And, they will tell others about you.

3. The 3rd reason to incorporate webinars into your content marketing strategy is because Webinars can be viewed from anywhere. And, with recordings, at any time. What could be better?

4. Finally – You can repurpose the content created for your webinar into blog posts, infographics, tweets, or slides. You can download your webinars onto your website or create podcasts from them. You can share with your email list, social media following and other sites. Think YouTube!

All of this from one webinar! Not many other marketing ventures can be this cost-effective while allowing you the opportunity to reach such a wide variety of audiences.


Webinars give your audience the chance to literally hear you. This helps build credibility in what you are saying and creates a connection that Tweets and posts, no matter how relevant and valuable, simply can’t do. Webinars are scalable and allow you to present to a number of people who would take you years to reach using in-person sales calls or client meetings; therefore increasing your audience and future webinar attendees. The most important part of a webinar is the Q&A portion. This provides you with insights into what your target market cares about and what they want to hear more about. You can take this information and create future webinars, white papers and other shareable content

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