In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we discuss ways to grab your customers attention early in the buying cycle.

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Have you ever purchased a product or service only to find a better alternative a few days later? I know I sure have. And I usually say to myself, ‘boy, I wish I had known about that sooner’. There’s a good chance that a portion of your target audience has said that about you. Did you know that your potential customers are nearly 60% through the purchase process before they ever engage with sales? There are quite a few times within a buying cycle that you can grab your prospect’s attention – early, mid or at the end of the purchase phase. Today, we want to focus on how to get your customer’s attention early.


One of the most effective ways to capture your potential customer early is through lead nurturing. The goal is to build relationships with potential clients — even if they are not currently in the purchase phase — through targeted marketing messages. Here are 3 effective ways to do this:

1. Search engine marketing: can provide benefits that may not be achieved through other online marketing mediums. Trough advances in search engine marketing, your message can be targeted so that it appears to a customer considering a purchase in your space.

2. Social media: is a terrific way to reach many target segments – especially Millennials. Be sure to use channels that can increase engagement, which improves chances of conversion.

3. Website interaction: once your prospects get to your site, determine where they are on their buyers’ journey and provide them with just the right content to help them progress down the sales funnel.


By integrating various methods to capture your prospect’s attention early in the buying cycle you will:

1. build a strong brand for your company, and

2. give your prospects a solution preference long before they are ready to purchase.

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