In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we discuss some methods to build an engaging LinkedIn Company Page.

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In a previous Actionable Marketing in Minutes podcast, we described the benefits of LinkedIn, as it applies to your professional profile.

But, did you know you can set up a profile page for your business? It’s called the Company Page.

The company page offers many opportunities to increase your referral and knowledge base, attract new business and quality employees, as well as to increase your credibility, authority and thought leadership. By featuring your company’s products and services, you will increase your brand exposure, others’ familiarity with your business and you may also increase your revenues.


Before we get into the details about some of the tactics you may want to apply to build a powerful LinkedIn company page, I’d like to point out: Social media marketing is important for all businesses. This is a reality these days. While this podcast will touch on just one aspect of this subject, I encourage you to download our Social Media Marketing Best Practices Guide for more insights and tips on how to effectively execute social media marketing programs. This ebook gives general guidelines as well as best practices by platform. Click the link in the podcast description to download this actionable guide to social media marketing.

Ok, back to company pages on LinkedIn. With over 400-million members worldwide, LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. But, as with all social marketing efforts, it’s important to carefully build your presence. Here are 8 tactics to help craft an engaging company page and build valuable interaction with your audience.

1. Create a customized URL: go into your settings and click on ‘Public Profile.’ Keep it simple, using your company name, if possible.

2. Include a professional banner image: because your banner is the first thing visitors will see, it’s important to represent your brand and showcase your company’s personality and goals. When you think about it, you can begin differentiating yourself and staking your position right on the banner. For instance, perhaps this is where you communicate your ‘why’ if the subsequent information focuses on your ‘what’ and ‘how.’

3. Use relevant keywords in the description: this will increase your chances of ranking high in relevant LinkedIn searches as well as in Google, Bing and other search engine search result pages.

4. Keep your page current, then update your page frequently: make sure page is current and then be sure to post fresh content often to help make your page more engaging. It will also be a method to build your authority and thought leadership. An easy way to do this is to add your blog’s RSS feed to a widget that pulls in recent posts.

5. Post winning content: although it’s fine to promote yourself, remember the 80/20 rule. Engage with users more than self-promotion. One good way to do this is to share articles, whitepapers, eBooks and other useful and educational content that solves problems or reduces pain for your audience. You will demonstrate yourself to be an active industry participant, indirectly communicate your point of view and it is another way to grow your thought leadership.

6. Engage engagingly with your audience: ask questions of your followers, post quizzes and other interactive content, and otherwise actively reach out to them on a regular basis.

7. Respond promptly to posts, reviews and questions. Self-explanatory…

8. Apply learning from monitoring: check out the types of posts that generate engagement, from impressions to clicks to shares, and then make necessary tweaks to better engage your users. Also, pin your most valuable content to the top of your company’s Recent Updates section.


The LinkedIn company page is extremely beneficial for your company because it will provide prospects yet another opportunity to find you, and you can drive more traffic to your website simply by placing a link to it on your company page. Additionally, Google and other search engines include listings from social media on their search results pages, which means that a strong LinkedIn company page will help your SEO efforts.

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