In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we share 3 things you can do to get more leads from your blog.

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Irrespective of your industry or whether you manage a big organization or run a start-up, you can use a blog to generate qualified leads and bring in more sales. Running a blog isn’t just about sharing recent company news and events. It rather involves helping people with valuable information, educating your customers about your product or services and answering their questions to creatively establish yourself as an expert in your industry. The idea is to engage with different prospects through the blog, call them to action, and convert them into customers. But before that, you have to first capture contact information, through a process known “lead generation.” The management and generation of quality leads or targets can be really tricky. And well-designed blogs with good content are aplenty these days. So if you want to stand out among the competition, then you have to find productive ways in which you can drive leads directly from your blog. Here are ‘3 Things You Can Do To Get More Leads From Your Blog.’


Market Your Blog: The success of your lead generation campaign depends on the number of people who know about your blog in the first place. It can be a real bummer, if you publish the best blog content but nobody ever gets to read it. Driving the right people to your blog regularly is therefore just as important as having quality content on your blog. So it is vital to market your blog smartly by focusing only on strategies that can get targeted traffic to your blog. Consider reaching out to social influencers in your niche, inviting guest bloggers, engaging social media networks, advertising and blogger outreach campaigns to drive more visitors to your blog and get them interested in what you have to offer. Simple!

Have a Conversion Strategy: A reliable conversion strategy for your blog can help convert ordinary visitors into regular, loyal readers and finally purchasing customers. All your blogging efforts will be in vain, if you do not get visitors interested enough to buy the tangible products or services you offer or at least leave you their personal details. Some of the easiest ways to bump up your lead collections are –

1. Have well-written and updated calls to action on your blog and website with the most relevant offer

2. Place well-configured and integrated opt-in forms into your web pages to collect visitor emails

3. Offer an incentive to move blog visitors to action. This can be anything from a free trial offer or a discount, to a free gift or a truly useful resource such as a guide, report, eBook, that can help them in any way. . People are much more likely to part with their personal information if they get something tangible in return.

4. Use links to your sales page or landing page from your blog

5. Subtly integrate your services into your blog posts

Track Changes And A/B Test: Perform minor edits and track their performance to find out if you should continue to leverage them as part of your lead generation strategy. Run A/B tests to take most precise decisions on what works best. Identify what your buyer personas respond well to, as this will help you increase conversion rates and generate more leads. For instance, you can first, try changing

the wording of your CTA from something generic to more persuasive and personalized. Then test it to find out the best option before making any other changes.


These are just three efficient lead generation strategies that can help build your prospect list and increase conversions. Remember that the more leads you have, the more opportunities for marketing and connecting with your audiences, which in turn will lead to business growth and expansion.

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