In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we talk about search engine optimization, implementing it on your site, and how it can help you.

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Almost every business has a website, but what good is a website, if people can’t find your content, products and services. Onsite SEO is basically the process of various technical and content optimization to your website, that helps Google discover your web pages and properly rank your website on the search results. And while it is pretty apparent that onsite SEO remains one of the most effective techniques of web marketing, what is not so obvious is what you gain out of taking the time to actual do the on-site optimization work.


Though the onsite SEO effort depends on the size and setup of your website, here is an overview of what you can expect from such optimization.

Better Rankings In The Longer Term

On-Site optimization is a long term ranking benefits for your website. Think about the foundation and structure of your home. A home with bad framing or inadequate foundation will not last and is not safe to live in. The same goes for on-site optimization which acts as the foundation of your website. A website that is structured correctly, is free of errors and has valuable high quality content is more likely to rank better in the long term.

Get Noticed By Search Engine Spiders

You may have heard the phrase search engine bots or spiders. The spiders are used to crawl and discover new content across the web, so that the content can be added to the index and later ranked when a search is completed. However, technical issues on the website may make it harder to discover your content or prevent Google from crawling it all together. So making sure your website is technical sound increases the chances of your content being discovered.

Acquire Targeted Traffic

It is possible to draw targeted traffic and highly qualified business leads to your site by focusing on the exact keyword, keyword phrases and keyword themes you want to target the most. This way you can concentrate your marketing efforts on people who are genuinely interested in your products/services rather than people who just happen to stumble into your site and waste your time.

Gain Multiple Organic Traffic Sources

Optimizing images and videos in the landing pages on your website using Alt Tags can help you attract visitors not just from search results but also from Google Images, video search and other image and video search engines.

Improve CTR

Proper optimization of meta description and meta title can improve the Click through Rate for your organic results. Your meta description should be alluring enough for potential customers to click so make sure to use keywords and make it sound as appealing as possible.

Better Conversion Rate

Improved user experience on your site is an important factor for achieving good rankings. If you have high page speed, low bounce rates and good average times per session then will also achieve high rankings. With onsite optimization, you can improve the browsing experience for your users, which in turn, can increase your conversions.


Now that you know how collective onsite SEO efforts can benefit you and help improve your site’s visibility and traffic, go ahead and put all of these elements in place to gain maximum impact from your website.

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