Master The Digital Space: Now is Your Time to Rise

Businesses that sell products and services nationally, globally or regionally, whether B2B or B2C, have complex – but very different – needs. And if you are so bold to have developed channels to target B2B2C, your complexity has skyrocketed. All require comprehensive and cohesive digital strategies that serve the different needs of many target segments and – frequently – across multiple channels. Channel or pricing conflict, category and merchandise management for ecommerce sales, long sales cycles that may involve multiple stakeholders – some or all of these challenges are usually also present.

Combine these issues – significant enough on their own – with the radical changes in industry environments as digital transformation, value chain disintermediation and other seismic events continue to threaten your top and bottom line, and it becomes an absolute imperative that your digital agency not only gets it, but can sidle up and meld seamlessly with your team to quickly deliver extremely high value. Enter DirectiveGroup, stage right.

DirectiveGroup is a unique agency that combines AI MarTech Data & Analytics capabilities with digital tactics execution expertise to deliver what is uniquely valued by our client base of companies of between $40M and $1B. These companies generally look for a partner relationship that provides fractional expertise for guidance and strategy development, professional services for implementation and integration of AI MarTech solutions, and some level of tactics execution expertise that blends seamlessly with the skillsets of an in-house team. Many of our clients are seeking to respond to a digital threat or to grab the opportunities that are popping up with such dramatic environmental change that promises a shakeout in many industries.

"B2B digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers."

McKinsey & Company, 2016

Who We Serve: Our Clients Disrupt Their Industries

DirectiveGroup clients are brands that have an extraordinary number of possible or actual irons in the fire... The issue is how to build a directional but flexible strategy that recognizes the opportunities and threats coming from a disruptive environment. And then how to prioritize and develop an execution plan that gets direct sales ecommerce, channel sales and lead gen working effectively to meet your revenue goals. Whether B2B, B2C or B2B2C, recent advances in artificial intelligence have offered powerful ways to distill actionable intelligence from the data already being gathered, further increasing the effectiveness through deep digital integration.

B2B companies often find that they can use data and content in non-traditional ways to connect with top-of-the-funnel prospects as they begin the long – and often complex – sales cycle. Account- or Persona-based marketing, fully supported by digital tactics and AI MarTech tools, can accelerate your results and shave time off the sales cycle. The potent combination of AI MarTech with targeted, custom digital tactics can create a virtuous cycle of performance that can move you light years ahead of your competition. The time to do so is now as first-mover opportunities are few and far between.

B2C companies, whether serving local, regional, national or global markets, have a completely different need to communicate a brand identity that creates ‘brand love’ in a way that you seem to be intuitively where your customers are delighted to find you. Aside from a brand experience that is seamless across channels and platforms, there is a real need to pull together siloed data to fully understand attribution and customer journey by segment, and then to rapidly apply that learning in a cycle of conversion improvements. DirectiveGroup can implement and integrate AI MarTech solutions and deliver targeted digital services that will deliver on this lofty performance promise.

B2B2C companies have the kind of challenges we love most. Precise segmentation, channel selection and management, digital tactics implementation and messaging all must be balanced so as to not create confusion or mistrust. Then, you have all of the challenges of B2C and B2B combined, so that it is essential that you have high quality data management and that you are extracting maximum learnings and value in near real time so they are immediately applied to digital marketing tactics conversion improvements. Professional services for selection, implementation, integration and optimization of AI MarTech tools, combined with top tier digital agency services means that you will emerge as the leader in your industry pack. Not a bad place to be.

Introduced Deeper Approach to Data Capture

"DirectiveGroup has been an instrumental marketing partner, an augmentation of our marketing department, and a key player in helping us increase revenue and exceed revenue goals month after month through our e-commerce sites. Additionally, they have introduced a deeper and more nuanced approach to data capture and analysis, and in fact, solved a thorny analytics problem that had plagued us with our hosted merchant account tracking..."

Keith F. / Furniture Manufacturing Company

What We Offer: Service Offerings That Matter

Explore Artificial Intelligence MarTech Solutions

DirectiveGroup will help you identify, select, implement and optimize AI MarTech solutions that will use your digital data to accelerate the results from your marketing and advertising spend, which will free time and money to work on those projects that you'd really like to get to.


Strategic Data & Analytics

Gain and visualize data insights, digest 'big data' and leverage the AI power of prediction.

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Customer-Facing Personalization

Amazing tools that interact and personalize customer experience through AI-based learning.

read more


Sales Process Enablement

Ramp performance on sales efforts through tools that integrate right to your CRM or MAP.

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Digital Marketing Effectiveness

Optimize advertising or content across multiple platforms to achieve incredible improvements in results.

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Explore Digital Marketing Services

There is absolutely no doubt that digital is going to be decidedly relevant in the coming years. How will it play out for you is the question. Will you find the unique combination of factors that create an unreplicable advantage? Partner with us, and that will be part of your future.

DirectiveGroup is hyper-focused on making your business the first option for customers and clients seeking your products or services. Our programs are all customized to meet your specific business needs and marketing objectives, helping you to embrace the value of digital on your front end and back end, lifting your performance to new heights.


Integrated Marketing Strategies

Discover the unique combination of short- and long-time-to value digital tactics that will deliver maximum ROI results.


Get a company-wide evaluation to identify, prioritize and map out delivery of digitalization projects, a digital channel marketing strategy or a gap analysis report.


Account and Persona Based Marketing

Customized plans to identify, target, evaluate, engage, and nurture to close the clients or types of clients your business seeks.


Database & Ecommerce Websites

Address your needs for complex integration to your website including Partner Portals, CRMs, ERPs, MAPs or other tools.


Ecommerce Marketing

Grow your ecommerce sales through manufacturing centers, shopping feeds and other digital tactics.


Search Engine Optimization

Increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results.


Inbound Marketing

Attract potential buyers by offering them information they need when seeking solutions for business challenges.


Amazon Marketing

Gain momentum, get fast results and maintain maximum control over your brand with Amazon Marketplace.


Social Media Marketing

Generate an insane amount of brand awareness and lead conversion in no time.


Paid Display & Search

Increase the online traffic to your website without an increase in your costs.


Conversion Optimization & Analysis

Guide a higher percentage of your web visitors to take action (buy, download, register) and becoming a lead or customer.

How We Help Your Company Your Needs Are Unique


Get high ROI, results-focused, integrated online marketing programs for local and regional businesses.

Service offerings are crafted to connect you with the local communities in which you are based, so your customers experience a seamless single- or multi-channel experience that is fully integrated with your physical presence and offline efforts.

Visit us if you are a multi-location regional business, serve customers in specific cities or neighborhoods or if you are a single-location business serving a micro-targeted market. Our geo-based programs can get you rockin' in no time!


Digital technology, strategy consulting & marketing programs for B2B companies that include manufacturers, industrial and technology-based companies. Omni- or multi-channel integration, digital transformation guidance, and complex offline/digital marketing integration needs.

Ecommerce and online sales program development across your website and other sales channels to deliver a seamless customer buying experience.

Visit us if you are national or global company with complex marketing needs or if you are facing digital disruption in your industry.


Your patients are impatiently online and looking for you at your next level. Good news is that we can take you there. Whether you are a single or a multi-location medical provider with HIPAA compliance needs and are looking for effective patient prospect and retention marketing, we've got all your needs covered.

For health and wellness companies that manage the full spectrum of customer and patient wellness and health-related requirements, we offer high performance digital marketing to build trust and a strong reputation.

This section's right for you if you must acquire and retain patients and/or health-based clientele.

Delivering Results to National, Global, Regional & Local Brands

DirectiveGroup has developed, launched and executed successful research and consulting projects, integrated digital strategies and roadmaps, and programs and campaigns for numerous Brand and B2B companies. Let us show you what we can do for your business. Download our complimentary case studies and see the results for yourself.

Medical Product Manufacturer

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Business Telephone Provider

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OTC Aspirin Product

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Skin Care Ointment

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Rise to the Digital Challenge

At DirectiveGroup, we are your complete digital marketing package. We are here to deliver results and help you exceed your goals. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1-866-925-9524 to start getting your business noticed now.

We have a much better response this far in advance of the event date than we have had for other events, and we have more new registrants than before. This is exactly what we wanted. Keep doing what you are doing.

Nina N. / Director Marketing / J.K. North America


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