Progressive Web Apps: A Way To Speed Page Load Time?

We all remember a time when using your mobile device to browse websites was needlessly painful, slow, and kludgy. Whether it’s buttons that were too small to click or text that scrolled off the side of the screen, it’s a wonder that we didn’t all give up in a collective sigh of frustration.  

Nowadays, it’s painless for users to access their favorite websites and interact with mobile content. For businesses of all sizes, it’s more important than ever to provide seamless, interruption-free access to content that’s primed for clients’ ease of use. These advancements have become possible with the invention of progressive web apps. 

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[Blog Abstract] Instagram Keeps Making Strides Toward Becoming a Prominent E-Comm Platform

From time to time, team members will share their views stimulated by content from an industry thought leader or news article. Here, our Project Manager, Irina Boudreau, discusses the recent e-commerce developments on the ever-popular Instagram social platform. The original article, “Instagram unveils curated @shop account to showcase online merchants”, was written by Rober Williams for RetailDive.

Over the past year, Instagram has taken several steps toward becoming a driving e-commerce market place. The Explore tab now has a dedicated shopping channel; the Collection tab allows users to save products from Stories, posts, and videos. There’s a Shop tab on business pages which showcase a brand’s merchandise. It’s most recent addition is the @shop account which uses curated shopping content to highlight the emerging brands. Continue reading “[Blog Abstract] Instagram Keeps Making Strides Toward Becoming a Prominent E-Comm Platform”

Top Metrics To Manage Your eCommerce Customer’s Journey

Why are some ecommerce businesses so incredibly successful and others aren’t? What’s the secret that the successful businesses know?


Information? Yes, that’s correct. Knowing what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to the marketing and promotional decisions made for a business is crucial. Without that knowledge, a business is likely wasting a good deal of time and money because they have no idea if their efforts are beneficial or not. Without that knowledge, there’s no chance that the success of that business can be improved upon.

And just having the data isn’t sufficient. Wise marketers must know what to look for and how to use it. There are thousands of metrics available out there yet only a few present the true state of a business’s success and the insights needed to make changes that lead to real growth.

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Ecommerce Trends To Know For Holiday Season 2018

If you are an owner or manager for an Ecommerce website, then planning for the holiday season 2018 needs to become one of your top concerns. In 2017, shoppers spent over $108.2 billion representing a 14.7 percent increase over the year earlier. With less than a 4.0 unemployment rate, average wage levels staying even with last year and consumer sentiment averaging 95 points, the 2018 holiday season may be another record-breaker. Therefore, it is time to lay out your online advertising plan.

Be sure that you are ready as early as possible to greet the online holiday shopper. There is no reason to believe that shoppers will not be looking for deals before Black Friday. In 2017, online sales on Black Friday grew by 32 percent over 2016.

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Cart Abandonment – Do’s and Don’ts – Part 2

We have addressed the necessary steps one should take to reduce cart abandonment and how they can attract the visitors to complete the transaction in the earlier blog post. In this blog we will discuss what you should not do in order to reduce the cart abandonments.

Don’t Make Registration Mandatory

Keep you check out process as simple as possible. Don’t force your customers to register. Provide a guest check out option to complete the transaction avoiding any unnecessary steps. Though the information in registration form will help you in understanding and serving your customer better, don’t force it on them during the transaction. Instead you can provide an option for them to register at a later point of time. This does not interrupt the transaction process of the customer keeping the details to minimal.

Avoid Surprise Charges

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Make Your eCommerce Business Future Ready

The number of businesses adopting eCommerce is growing at an increasing pace. With a rising number of customers preferring to shop in the comfort of their homes and offices, eCommerce stores are poised to continue experiencing excellent growth rates in the near term. However great this news, it poses a challenge to adapt to evolving best practices in eCommerce for these businesses to stay competitive. Below are tips so eCommerce companies can future ready their sites to attract more business.

Go Mobile

Consumers who once used to shop in brick and mortar stores can now shop anywhere. Thanks to internet and technology, a customer can now shop using a smart phone, tablet or a PC. With an increasing number of customers using these alternative devices, mobile commerce is going to play a major role in sales process. Not only should mobile commerce be considered an integral part of your sales … Continue reading