5 Ways to Develop Trust with Content Readers

Content sets a tone. It delivers your company mission, vision and other important information about your business. Content helps to build your brand presence online, but it also sets a company tone, differentiate you from the competition, establish you as a leader in the your industry and take your business rankings high in Google search results. In addition, content also helps you to win the trust & faith of your audience. By providing useful, informative and precise information to the readers, answering their questions, and giving smart yet reliable solution to their problems, your content development is an excellent way to build a long lasting relationship … Continue reading “5 Ways to Develop Trust with Content Readers”

Words Matter

I enjoy writing – and I have spent the better part of the last week working on the content for a new website. Each word is important. Not just because someone will read it and learn something about the company services, but because words make you think. Words ask to you think deeply about yourself and what you might need. Words help you to make decisions. Words bring us together with a shared language. And yet, words can so easily be misinterpreted. When I write, I find myself reading and re-reading what I write. Could someone misunderstand what I am … Continue reading “Words Matter”

5 Ways to Use Content to Build Authority: Ready To Live Like A King?

More and more companies are appreciating the value that a content marketing strategy brings to their overall success.  A study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) states that 75% of the most effective enterprise content marketers have a documented strategy. By comparison, only 11% of the least effective have a documented strategy.  The adage “Content is King” is still holding true; but I propose a new interpretation on the old phrase.  A King has authority and influence over his people.  Effective content marketing could make you a King (influencer) over your people (your target market).  Here are 5 activities that … Continue reading “5 Ways to Use Content to Build Authority: Ready To Live Like A King?”

How to Use Content to Reach Your B2B Goals

Everywhere you look experts are talking about content marketing and why it’s so important to your business. There are convincing studies that show businesses want to track their content marketing effectiveness but struggle with creating engaging content. We also know that businesses are planning to increase their marketing spend on content strategies. What we don’t see in all these analyses is the ‘how.’ Questions abound, such as: How do you use content that achieve your marketing goals? How do businesses use content to build brand awareness? How can content help you drive leads? If you’re asking yourself these questions, keep … Continue reading “How to Use Content to Reach Your B2B Goals”