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Landing page development

Smite Your Users at the Very First Sight

You may be well aware that there are too many business websites on the Internet, trying hard to sell their products or services. It is also a fact that on an average a user spends less than a minute skimming through a web page. There is a cut-throat competition in the market, and the viewer's attention is of the essence. To survive and grow in a market situation like this, you need a strong landing page for your website that is attractive and enticing enough to hold your user’s attention and emotionally trigger them to take action.

A landing page is a standalone web page, disconnected from a website's navigation, created for the purpose of convincing a visitor to act (to sign up, install or buy, etc.) and meet their expectations. The primary function of a landing page is to increase conversions and generate a high return on investments. This is done by creating great landing page copy, design and structure, offering solutions and call-to-actions.

A Landing Page Is the Face of Your Business - Our Goal Is to Make It as Saleable as Possible

Landing page development works wonders with other digital marketing techniques like pay per click marketing and email marketing to increase your conversion rates and return on investments. Technically speaking it is the face of your business, which makes it the primary concern you need to address for your branding efforts.

At DirectiveGroup, we have with us a team of highly experienced and expertly trained professionals adept at taking care of all your landing page requirements. We develop landing pages that will help you quickly connect with your visitors and provide them with all the information they need regarding your business and industry. Our versatile team will handle all your landing page requirements, from design and content to programming, with a clear-cut objective of lead conversion and customer retention.

Fill Your Success Diary by Availing Our Services

A landing page is like a puzzle. It involves more than throwing all these elements on a web page. Avail our services to arrange those elements correctly and to persuade your visitors to take action. We build the landing page that depends on your goals, and where your prospect is in the buyer's journey. Our team develops designs that are flexible enough to upgrade and modify for different strategies. We provide comprehensive landing page solutions that include:

  • Landing page design and development
  • Content and offer creation
  • Lead capture and phone tracking
  • Variable A/B split testing and conversion optimization

Let DirectiveGroup's Content Marketing Experts Develop, Lead and Manage Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing doesn't have to be difficult. Why not let our skilled staff guide you through a content marketing strategy that fits your business objectives by granting us the opportunity to deliver results that exceed your highest expectations? Reach out to us through our online form, or giving us a call at, 1-866-925-9524 today. Let's get started!


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