Gap Analysis

Allocate Your Resources More Efficiently

A gap analysis is critical to assess the differences between your current and future state of the business. In marketing, a gap analysis plays a vital role in identifying the areas of improvements. An excellent study of gap analysis will tell you where you are and where you want to be and what needs to be done to reach there.

We have helped many businesses in allocating their resources more efficiently through gap analysis. DirectiveGroup adopts a scientific approach to assess various elements of your business and marketing systems to identify the gap and devise a smart strategy to bridge the gap.

Reach Where You Want to Be

A gap analysis is a strong tactic to address various challenges faced by businesses around the world. We use a combination of techniques such as SWOT analysis as well as other management frameworks to assess the gaps.

DirectiveGroup evaluates the following elements of your marketing campaign to discover the areas that need your immediate attention:


A strategy is at the core of marketing success. We use our vast experience to identify the gaps in your plan and how the same can be incorporated appropriately.

Customers' Need

Market segmentation based on purchase drivers of consumers is the most important element of any marketing strategy. We pay particular attention to customer segmentation and strive to find out the exact needs of your most-valued customers. It helps us identify the gaps between actual customer needs and how your organization perceives the same.

Organization Structure

Organization structure plays a crucial role in the success of your teams. We identify the process and goal owners for your marketing goals and make recommendations to fix responsibilities.


List of daily activities, the tools and the procedures followed by the staff to get your marketing tasks done. We conduct a system audit to assess its efficiency.

Shared Values

Shared values are derived from corporate culture. We assess your organizational culture and check its impact on the growth of the organization.

Leadership Style

Leadership style influences the way employees work on deliverables. We use the industry best practices to help you identify the changes that may require delivering high performance.


A quick staff audit reveals the gap in the general capabilities of employees which must be bridged to achieve desired results.

Skill Gap Analysis

We scientifically assess marketing skills gap of your employees to evaluate the training needs and impart the skills which are crucial to succeed in the highly competitive world.

Discover a Better Tomorrow

A needs assessment is the first steps towards achieving business goals. A gap analysis is conducted to assess your exact needs. You must work diligently to identify the gaps precisely and devise a sound strategy to bridge them. If the gap analysis goes wrong, then your entire plan will become a void. It leads to a massive waste of time and resources.

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