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Audits & Evaluations

Evaluate the Metrics That Matter the Most to Your Business

Website audits and evaluation are the first step towards developing and executing a successful digital marketing strategy. The reviews are conducted to evaluate various parameters and identify the gaps between the current strategy and the future need for the marketing. An integrated marketing strategy along with a comprehensive action plan is designed to bridge the gap and achieve desired business outcomes.

Website audits answer these three critical questions:

  1. Where do you stand now?
  2. What do you want to achieve?
  3. How you are going to accomplish these goals and objectives?

Since nothing can be improved until it is measured, you can’t boost web presence until you evaluate the current scenario and know about the gaps.

Benchmarking is another important aspect of website audits and evaluations that tell your current position viz-a-viz your competitors.

Optimize Your Site with an Extensive Technical Assessment

Technical aspects such as information architecture, navigation structure, the organization of codes, logical framework, server response, design elements, etc., play a crucial role in the performance of the site in search engines and beyond. A poorly designed site can not only deteriorates user's experience but also lead to waste of marketing efforts.

We conduct a technical assessment to find out the improvement areas and work tirelessly to fix the issues. We also check your website with Google PageSpeed Insights to find out the website load time and fix the issues to improve the same.

Improve Performance with a Comprehensive Marketing Audit

We carry out a full audit of your site to check its performance in search engines, social media, PPC, content marketing, etc. We also check the landing pages and evaluate its performance. We scientifically assess various parameters to find the improvement areas.

The central idea of conducting an audit is to check if your current efforts are yielding desired results. If not, then the lagging areas must be identified and fix to save resources and boost marketing performance.

SEO Audit

We analyze the purchase intent of every keyword. If a high-competition keyword is generating a lot of traffic but has a very low conversion rate, then it may not be worth investing. Additionally we audit on-page SEO factors such as title tag, meta description, alt tag, URL, HTML optimization, keywords density, etc. to discover the areas that need immediate attention to improve search engine rankings.

Social Media Audit

A social media audit and evaluation is conducted to find out your social initiatives and how users are responding to the same.

Content Audit

Content plays a crucial role in the success of your entire digital campaign. We evaluate your content and assess how it is making a positive difference in your customer's lives.

SEM Evaluation

We audit your landing page design and copy, ad campaigns, and selection of keywords to evaluate your PPC performance. We analyze the gaps and devise a strategy to bridge the same.

Conversion Audit

We evaluate whether Google Analytics or other tracking codes are functioning properly or not. We also benchmark your conversion rates with that of the industry and devise a suitable strategy to deliver an above-market conversion rate.

Get Your Site Audited to and Discover Eye-Opening Insights

Let our experienced Business Analysts conduct a comprehensive audit of your site and help you find the insights which can bring a paradigm shift in your digital marketing strategy.

Contact us at 1-866-925-9524 or fill out our contact form. If you are looking for a specific answer, you may want to check out our FAQ’s as well.


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