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Crowdfunding Marketing - Unlock New Capital Opportunities

One of the biggest roadblocks entrepreneurs often face in getting their endeavor off and then growing it to great success is adequate funding. Crowdfunding is one of the effective ways to promote and market your products and projects to the public. The crowdfunding campaign is not just a source to sell your products; it is a platform where you can launch your company to the world.

At DirectiveGroup, our professionals will comprehend your needs and have the means to meet them. Whether you are in a pre-launch stage of your campaign or already near the end, with the help of our vision and drive towards achievement, we will assist you in making your crowdfunding campaign a success.

Our Services Will Kick Start Your Campaign to the Next Level

Hire our services to help you create the buzz your crowdfunding campaign needs in generating the funds for your next undertaking.

  • We analyze your current campaign and provide detailed suggestions specific to your project. Our crowdfunding consulting services include project creation and campaign management that will help your campaigns reach success.
  • Social media is one of the most powerful and significant elements of crowdfunding promotions. We will leverage your campaign by boosting your social media platforms and submitting articles that will increase your exposure and traffic.
  • Our professional copywriters will curate a custom press release for your project that will help in building awareness, boosting your online visibility, and gaining media pickup. Your campaigns will get more publicity than you ever dreamed possible.
  • We will distribute your press releases to millions of readers through news and media outlets, and established blogs. We ensure that your campaigns will grab the attention of the journalists who are best fit to write about your project.
  • Our multimedia press releases will feature images and videos from your crowdfunding project. Photos, videos, and infographics increase the views and attract more backers that will help in improving audience engagement to your project.

Find Your Edge

At DirectiveGroup, you will score more exposure and visibility for your campaigns before, during and even after the launch. Our crowdfunding advertising services bring you targeted traffic to attract backers that can help you crush your funding goal. We can make sure your product stands out of the crowd through our full-service approach. We have managed major campaigns efficiently and will ensure that you deliver the best experience, too.

We embrace complete transparency and collaborate with projects as if they were our own. We can increase your productivity by assisting in those areas where we can add more value. Do not enter into crowdfunding without a solid strategy or a plan. Rely on our services for getting the most out of the promotional visibility you will get from sharing your story with the world. Your products will see interest, entice backers, take the incoming leads and convert them into outgoing conversions.

With our help, your crowdfunding efforts will be structured and strategic. Give us a ring at 1-866-925-9524, or fill our online form to take your venture to the next level.


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