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Get Fast Results Using Amazon Marketplace Options

In 2017, the world woke up to the startling reality that over half of all product searches begin on Amazon vs Google. This is not a situation that brands or manufacturers can any longer choose to ignore.

Whether you are a brand manufacturer or an ecommerce seller, once you choose to represent yourself on Amazon, you face a great opportunity and some well-known challenges that run the gamut from launching correctly, being seen and gaining momentum, to maintaining the maximum control possible over your brand. But the reason you do it all is to drive traffic and gain conversions. To not become irrelevant in the next decade.

DirectiveGroup helps our clients take advantage of the fact that most Amazon sellers don’t have the time or experience to plan properly or have the right tools for managing their efforts. So your winning strategy is to join forces with DirectiveGroup’s professional marketplace management team. Let us partner with you to far outpace your competitors, and to take you to rarified air at the summit.

First, Choose Your Right Path to Success

There are an increasing number of options to represent your business on Amazon. Choosing the right option or combination of options is at first a strategic decision that must followed by tactical execution excellence to achieve immediate results and to attain long term goals.

  • Amazon Business

    Manufacturers and brands should look at this newest disruptive channel, which is supported by Amazon’s buildout of a B2B sales force, the integration effort with (dozens of) procurement systems used by corporate and institutional buyers, and Amazon’s deep experience in customer experience and personalization. Build your brand now while efforts are ramping up vs waiting to play catch-up in the not-too-distant future.

  • Amazon Marketplace Vendor Central/Express (1P)

    This option is by invitation only, but brands and manufacturers may request an invitation. This option is an important one, but the trickiest to manage for many reasons. Amazon exerts great control over the products and the pricing, and negotiating your participation in value add services such as fulfillment or post-sales services can be frustratingly tricky. You have the greatest promotions/advertising options here, including A+ pages, Amazon Vine and AMG, but surprisingly less access to analytics. Strategic decisions about product, pricing and promotions should be determined prior to launch, and marketplace optimization will maximize your results.

  • Amazon Marketplace Seller Central (3P)

    This option should always be considered, even if you are on Vendor Central (which means that Amazon must also approve your launch). Selling on Amazon Central gives brands and manufacturers more control. Here, you have more control of product branding, packaging and labeling, product assortment etc. If in brand registry program, you have more control of product detail pages (titles, details and images) and the ability to list products with different product identifications. You also have 100% control of pricing, as well as full inventory control. What you don’t have is as wide of an assortment of promotions options as you have with Vendor Central. However, you may communicate directly with customers. Strategic decisions about product, pricing and promotions should be determined prior to launch, and marketplace optimization is required to maximize your results.

Get to Your Goals Fast, but Maintain Maximum Control

Specific services that DirectiveGroup may recommend depend on your specific goals. Below are some of the more frequent needs of those utilizing the Amazon channel. For instance you may want to:

  • Increase Sales through the development of an Amazon Product Marketing strategy, which will include tactics to increase product visibility, specification of targeted product advertisements and promotional campaigns, and optimization methods to reach program goals.
  • Optimize Your Products, a central activity that leads to maximization of results. Not only are there best practices for the development of product and brand pages, there are specific sequential tactics that lead to scaling results and then in maintaining success over time.
  • Extend Your Brand may be important to take you to the next level, using results and analytics tools to find new opportunities to extend to new audiences for an ever-increasing reach to just the right audience that will connect with who you are and what you offer.
  • Engage Your Buyers as an essential element as you ramp your marketplace presence or even after your program is preforming well. Whether you are soliciting honest and thorough reviews, responding to customer issues, or answering questions, being present in a timely way is of crucial important on an increasingly competitive Amazon marketplace.
  • Enrich Your Marketplace on Amazon’s platform for a customized brand presence within Amazon’s marketplace requirements to maximize your brand presence and conversions.

Why Our Strategic Approach Is Your Winning Formula

DirectiveGroup has established a reputation for developing custom strategic approaches that leverage your strengths, and then we use a rapid-cycle optimization for fast iterations that lead to increasing performance. If you work with us, you will experience:

  • A brief evaluation of your situation and your needs to determine whether we are a match.
  • A high level audit of your current Amazon presence, followed by an initial directional recommendation of opportunities for your consideration and approval.
  • Upon mutual agreement of fit, and a decision to move forward, the first meeting in an introduction to your dedicated team and the kickoff to your implementation.
  • Within a short period of time, a specific strategic plan with a set of tactics is developed based on market and environmental research, including competitor and customer analysis, and specific KPI targets are set.
  • Initial tactics are launched according to priority and the rapid optimization process begins, aggressively moving toward program goals with close monitoring of KPIs, with regular results reporting meetings and strategy/tactics refinement sessions.

A Sound Amazon Strategy Is Your Key to Long-Term Success

The Marketplace professionals at DirectiveGroup provide a comprehensive and customized approach to reach your goals, and then we work tirelessly to execute against it with perfection. In the past, we have delivered fantastic results, and we strive to continue doing so. We practice complete transparency with our clients, eliminating any possibility of misinterpretations, so you can get exactly what you want.

So, what are you waiting for? contact us right now and work with a partner you can trust to take you to the next level of performance on Amazon.


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