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Website and Database Backups

Be Safe and Secure

Whether it is big fish like Amazon, Gmail and Wordpress or smaller firms like Zomato, all have faced serious challenges in the last few months due to inefficient website and data backup mechanisms. These failures can be attributed to human errors, server failures, hacking, etc, and lead to huge financial as well as technical losses apart from the loss of valuable information. If your website is not backed up till now, don’t waste any more time and contact us right away. Our exclusive website and database backup team will personally guide you to complete security from all attempts of data theft and ensure that your website is updated and competent enough to survive handsomely against all future breaches.

Never Lose Data Again

Data can be compromised due to external factors like hackers as well as internal factors like hardware problems. Not only this, sometimes you may lose data due to natural calamities or accidents, like destruction of computers by fire. That is why DirectiveGroup always backs up your important information logically to enable granular recovery of specific components as and when you need them. Never lose data again with the help of our innovative tools and an experienced team of dedicated data specialists and researchers. Show your website to our experts today and ensure a secure and stress free company site forever with automated website and database backup features like:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Flexible backup scheduling
  • Secure backup storage
  • One-click restoration
  • Modified files tracker
  • Selective restore feature for rollbacks
  • Instant download feature
  • Monitor website availability
  • Automated email generation on network and server outages
  • Website performance reports and analysis
  • Website blacklist monitor
  • Smooth website and database migration

The Internet Is Not Safe

The cases of data theft and malware attacks have increased rapidly in the last few years. An average number of 6,000 websites get hacked and blacklisted by Google and other search engines everyday. Our team maintains complete security of your website and data by creating backups that enable you to enjoy a hassle free workflow even if accidents occur. We develop plans that enable you to focus on your marketing strategies and business enhancements and eliminate stress. Save your time, money and efforts now by showing your website to our experts today.

Are You Really Safe?

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg once told CNN in an interview that according to him no matter how much one prepares, uses sophisticated systems, or audits for maintenance, all services eventually will have a downtime. DirectiveGroup believes that what is inevitable cannot be changed, but can be prepared for to minimise or eliminate the casualties.

Our experienced team has devised intelligent mechanisms over time after careful assessment of the markets and previous data related mishaps that combine with effective tools to ensure our clients get a seamless website utility. Contact us today to discuss all of your questions and get your site and data backed up by filling out the the quick contact form or calling us toll free at 1-866-925-9524.

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