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Now Possible: Optimization Across Digital Marketing Platforms

One of the major promises of the digital era is that data now available to marketers to analyze performance would eliminate that old adage, "half of my marketing money is misspent, I only wish I knew which half." That was over twenty years ago and it has not happened yet. Indeed, with the proliferation of tactics that produce siloed data, it has become increasingly difficult to optimize across the dozens of digital tactics now available to brands. Until now. The combination of sophisticated systems that can pull in data from multiple platforms, combined with AI machine learning that enables data crunching on a level not possible for humans, finally ushers in the data-nirvana future promised so many years ago.

Use Cases for AI MarTech Solutions Knowledge-Based Digital Marketing

•   Advertisement Optimization

MarTech tools now allow many options for advertisement optimization, such as the ability to optimize performance, including shifting marketing spend, across multiple platforms from paid search to display (including programmatic) to paid social media platforms. Our AI MarTech tools allow you to enable dollars to be moved across platforms based on the most efficient goal achievement, such as the lowest cost conversion. Additionally, tools are available to optimize the advertisement content so that words and phrasing associated with the highest conversions are continually tested and improved. All of these options are powered by AI, with the machine learning moving you to levels of performance that were unattainable before now, immediately improving your ROI or enabling you to reduce your advertising spend.

•   Product Pricing

MarTech users gain insight into pricing that maximizes your goals, such as revenue, by finding the sweet spot per product, which is the intersection between the highest possible price and the highest possible conversions. The recommendations that are based on analysis of customer behavior through machine learning that time over time beats human decisions in attaining the same level of revenue or profit.

•   A/B Testing

This really is the heart of machine learning, and it underlies many of the most dramatic performance improvements that come from AI-powered MarTech solutions. The ability to conduct A/B tests at the volume and precision possible by machines is simply unmatched by humans. Could we mere mortals conduct 10,000 A/B tests simultaneously, assuming enough data flow? Not likely. However, this is a reality with AI MarTech Solutions, and it is the way our solutions move from initially tracking and reporting, to the learning that fuels predictive and prescriptive recommendations with extreme accuracy.

AI MarTech Accelerates Marketing Performance

Delivering the right information, to the right audience, at the right time, increases engagement and reduces costs across the entire spectrum of the content-heavy digital marketing eco-system. Consistently, the data show that the 80/20 rule applies to conversion-focused behavior, where 20% of marketing material is directly related to visitor conversion and engagement. Knowing which 20% is most effective enables the creation of more relevant digital marketing assets and improves the visitor or customer experience.

Maximize Value Through MarTech Integration Services

The problem is that you - if you are like most companies - have 90+ MarTech solutions, and most probably live in their separate silos. As you read this, you are likely wondering if you could really get full value from AI-powered Digital Marketing Effectiveness solutions. The answer is resoundingly "yes" if you choose to use the expertise of an agency that understands your marketing goals and the problems you are trying to solve, and that has depth of expertise in selecting, implementing, optimizing and integrating these tools within your individual MarTech tool stack. That's DirectiveGroup! To get started, you can fill out the quick contact form or call us toll free at 1-866-925-9524.

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