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We are entering a new era where the promise of digital data to deliver real insights that could lead to real changes in performance is at hand. Up until now, we not only didn't see improved performance in the world of digital tactics, most of actually suffered from data overwhelm, which was compounded by the siloed data issue. Manual attempts to optimize across tactics, across devices, across platforms led to more frustration than success for all but the largest of companies who could afford custom-built data warehouses that combined these data and make them accessible and actionable through executive, manager and executor dashboards. There is now good news for the rest of us: multi-million dollar 'big data' warehouses are no longer needed to gain the visibility into your data!

Data is now becoming democratized, and at the same time, action can be amped up through the machine-learning component of some MarTech tools artificial intelligence. Now you can move from just tracking and reporting to evidence-based recommendations coming right from your own data! Here are the stages of our MarTech solutions:

  • STAGE 1:Descriptive. In this first stage, our tools offer tracking, similar to any analytics program, to deliver insight into the individual and aggregate activity associated with your goals. Machine learning happens in the background.

  • STAGE 2:Predictive. In this stage, the machine learning yields some ideas that come in the form of predictions about what is expected to happen. There can be 10,000+ tests! This is where the power of computing becomes apparent, since it would be virtually impossible for a human to undertake or even analyze so many tests.

  • STAGE 3: Prescriptive. In the stage, your Martech tool is guiding actions about how to maximize your goals based on what it has learned. You see massive improvements in performance and an improvement in your marketing ROI.

Use Cases for AI MarTech Solutions Strategic Data & Analytics

•   Customer Acquisition / Channel Attribution

MarTech users gain insight into organic and paid digital tactics to be able to digitally follow their digital journey to conversion. Easily implemented, this capability immediately allows digital marketers to see what combination of ads, keywords, channels, platforms and content produce the greatest conversion. Armed with this knowledge, you can focus ad dollars and content development efforts in the most effective manner.

•   Lead Management / Lead Nurturing

Our MarTech solutions, through APIs, can integrate with existing CRM/MAP applications where the collected data can be used to automate hyper-personalized content delivery and sales interactions. The recommendation engine will, over time, acquire user actions of predictability and expose navigational recommendations to personalize customer experiences. It also learns over time and recommends content paths for segments and individuals. These insights can be delivered through the dashboard, reports, or through API integration with your CRM or MAP systems, so there is automation in the sales and marketing process management.

•   Account-Based Marketing / Persona-Based Marketing

AI-amped solutions empower companies who utilize account-based or persona-based marketing in their sales and marketing efforts to learn from the content consumption patterns of segments of prospective customers, as well as individuals within specific companies. Our integrated solutions will be able to trigger specific content to be sent to an individual once they have viewed "x" pieces of content or to engage a sales rep to make contact.

•   Customer Experience / Upsell / Loyalty & Retention

Content is at the core of your digital presence. Knowing precisely the origin, specific content consumed, when and in what order a visitor consumed your content, will empower you to quickly understand what content is most relevant to specific segments of the visiting public.

AI MarTech Accelerates Marketing Performance

Delivering the right information, to the right audience, at the right time, increases engagement and reduces costs across the entire spectrum of the content-heavy digital marketing eco-system. Consistently, the data shows that the 80/20 rule applies to conversion-focused behavior, where 20% of your marketing material is directly related to visitor conversion and engagement. Knowing which 20% is most effective enables the creation of more relevant digital marketing assets and improves the visitor or customer experience.

Maximize Value Through MarTech Integration Services

The problem is that you - if you are like most companies - have 90+ MarTech solutions, and most probably live in their separate silos. As you read this, you are likely wondering if you could really get full value from an AI-powered Strategic Data and Analytics solution. The answer is resoundingly "yes" if you choose to use the expertise of an agency that understands your marketing goals and the problems you are trying to solve, and that has depth of expertise in selecting, implementing, optimizing and integrating these tools within your individual MarTech tool stack. That's DirectiveGroup! To get started, you can fill out the quick contact form or call us toll free at 1-866-925-9524.

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