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Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools: Accelerate Results

Marketing technology is expanding at a rapid rate. It is astounding that most marketing organizations at mid-sized to large companies have close to 100 cloud-based MarTech solutions through which they manage their work. The problem is that many of these tools are siloed, and if they produce results reporting, the data are often stand-alone and not integrated with other marketing tools. This leads to enormous problems when a marketer is trying to understand the full picture of prospect or customer behavior across devices, platforms and browsers, and from all marketing tactics. The net result is often a manual (suboptimal) optimization across tools and data 'overwhelm' by the marketing team.

Leapfrog Competitors By Getting To Higher Performance Now

Even if you could afford the manual work and the errors produced in the data analyses, there is a larger cost to your organization: the cost of not having the dollars or the brainpower of your team to invest in exciting but not top priority projects. These are the 'important' but 'not urgent' projects that often get shelved because the basic or foundational marketing needs are not fully met.

DirectiveGroup will solve this problem for you. How, you ask? By helping you identify, select, implement and optimize software that will use your digital data to accelerate the results from your marketing and advertising spend, which will free time and money to work on those projects that you'd really like to get to.

Explore AI MarTech Solutions


Strategic Data & Analytics

Gain and visualize data insights, digest 'big data' and leverage the AI power of prediction.

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Customer-Facing Personalization

Amazing tools that interact and personalize customer experience through AI-based learning.

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Sales Process Enablement

Ramp performance on sales efforts through tools that integrate right to your CRM or MAP.

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Digital Marketing Effectiveness

Optimize advertising or content across multiple platforms to achieve incredible improvements in results.

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Partner with DirectiveGroup to Develop New Age Tech Infrastructure

It has been said that CMOs will soon control more technology dollars than leaders in your IT organization. A sobering thought when your original goal in life was not to manage technology. Yet, doing it well or not doing it well will make or break your success. Join with a partner who can help you maximize your effectiveness with these incredibly important tools so you can focus on the bigger issues of getting marketing and sales results, as well as the other priorities you or your CEO set. Contact us now to learn about our expertise in delivering the solutions you need.

Introduced Deeper Approach to Data Capture

"DirectiveGroup has been an instrumental marketing partner, an augmentation of our marketing department, and a key player in helping us increase revenue and exceed revenue goals month after month through our e-commerce sites. Additionally, they have introduced a deeper and more nuanced approach to data capture and analysis, and in fact, solved a thorny analytics problem that had plagued us with our hosted merchant account tracking..."

Keith F. / Furniture Manufacturing Company