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Persona-Based Marketing for SaaS

Effective targeting increases lead volume 50%
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Case Descriptions


A mid-sized SaaS company, specializing in expense management and asset tracking for large enterprises.


A high number of low quality leads. Leads were coming in through all channels – especially digital – but there weren’t the right leads. Salespeople were spending time responding to inquiries that would never turn into sales, or even prospects. The conversation rate of leads were low and sales reps were frustrated.


Create an outline description – persona – of the kind of customers that needs to be reached, and find that person in their digital habitats. By eliminating less relevant targeting, more relevant and higher scoring leads float to the top. This provides a clearer path to success for sales team.


Due to the change in tactics, digital metrics of engagement and conversion increased significantly. Additionally, open rates on email nurture campaigns increased to over 15%, on an industry average of 3-5%. Effective targeting leads to pipeline of over $2M in one quarter, a 50% YoY increase.



Targeted job titles with job roles. On LinkedIn and Facebook, and other social networks, created targeted campaigns that overlaid job title, job level (director level and above), along with geography, salary ranges and interest targeting. This level of specificity decreased unusable leads and inquiries and produced 20% more marketing qualified leads vs marketing – generated leads, who then further engaged with nurture content through digital and offline channels.


Identified enterprises using corresponding standard SIC/industry coding. Overlaid job title and interesting targeting, as well as job level. The ads were personalized by industry. For example, people on target’s network read “Helping retailers like you work smarter and more efficiently.” Users identified with the personalization and responded 33% more than with standard ads.


The same IP information that identified users on other networks was also used to identify users on the corporate website. Industry, as well as customer pain-point specific messaging was displayed in popups and on product pages to those users identified with the targeted industries. Those users were then shown relevant and personalized content, pushing them further down a nurture funnel. This level of personalization and content targeting increased total number of leads by 10%, but increased the total conversion percentage from marketing generated to sales qualified leads by more than 25%.

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