Better Email Campaigns with Strong Follow Up Sequences

As you may already know, an effective email campaign can create a deep relationship with your audience. This type of communication can penetrate your niche and build trust. But something you may not have known – according to a 2015 survey by Adobe, the average respondent uses email on an average of six hours each day.

The survey further reports Millennials actually use their emails even more than the rest of us; though not by much. 70% check it from bed; 27% while driving; and believe it or not 57% use it from the bathroom!

That tells us that email marketing, if properly utilized, is much more effective than we may have suspected. More effective even than social media – contrary to what most of us thought. Continue reading “Better Email Campaigns with Strong Follow Up Sequences”

5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your B2B Email Marketing

B2B Email Marketing New marketing communication channels have grown exponentially over the last decade. However, the boom in channels from social media to mobile apps hasn’t diminished the power of the reliable, old email, particularly in B2B. After all, there are more than 929 million business email accounts worldwide, and companies send an average of more than 1 billion emails every day. Meanwhile, 28.7% of marketing-related email in the manufacturing and distribution industry is opened by its recipients, the highest of any field. Perhaps most importantly, Experian estimates that email marketing brings a $44.25 return on every $1 invested. Simply put, email remains one of your most powerful, cost effective tools to generate leads, build a dialogue with prospective customers, and strengthen brand loyalty.

But merely sending out email blasts to every address on your customer list won’t work. The most effective email campaigns take advantage of a few fundamental best practices:… Continue reading

Do You Have A Professional Company? How About Professional Email?

Most business people understand the importance of having a “professional email”, one that is on a company URL over one that is on a free email platform (like Hotmail, Google, AOL, etc).

What many “non-techies” are unaware of is the difference in where and how to host their email. This can actually make as much of a difference for your business as having a company domain on your email. Here are a few options you are faced with:

  • Free hosting with your website host.
  • Hosting with Google Apps.
  • Add-on email hosting with your website host.
  • Third Party email hosting (e.g., Microsoft 365)

If email is critical for your company, one of the best decisions and investments you can make is to host your email through a different provider than your website hosting. Let’s explore why.

Don’t Eat Where You Poop

Ok, so that may be a little gross, but so … Continue reading

Did You Get This Email Too?

Not enough site traffic. Could be due to Google update?

Did you get an email about the Google update like this?
You receive an email with the above subject line or something similar and then panic.  Is it true?  What should you do?

Let’s look at the facts and details.  First of all it is spam and the sender knows nothing about your website, SEO, SEM or SMM efforts or success.  They are simply sending out a mass mailing with the hope of creating doubt in the minds of legitimate businesses who already work with reputable digital marketing partners.  The email is not addressed specifically to you by name.  There is a general greeting such as “Hi” or something similar.  Companies who operate this way are generally not legitimate.  Why do I suggest that?

One of the statements claim you are not getting enough website traffic.  Of course we’d all like more traffic, however be keenly aware that there is no … Continue reading