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Community and Social Websites

Invest in Building Communities and Go Global

Building online communities or social websites creates an experience that helps businesses achieve their goals.

Reaching new customers and increasing internal efficiencies whether you are a small business or large sized organization, can by done with social networking or community websites which will increase your business visibility and revenue.

We Strive to Develop Social Communities and Websites Specific to Your Industry

In this tech savvy world, social networking and community sites have become reliable business models. Connect, engage and extend your relationships with customers, employees, and partners by embracing an online community. Incorporate social computing capabilities into your online presence to create an interactive experience and build community engagement.

At DirectiveGroup, we work closely with you to understand your businesses' social media requirements and develop a custom social media website and community based on your brand image and your target audience’s taste and preferences. We spend a lot of time in carefully analyzing your industry's community standards, and conduct thorough statistical research to gauge your business's consumer psyche.

Work with Us and Convert Your Existing Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Our experienced professionals create a community keeping in mind the needs of your customers and employees. We facilitate easy navigation in your website for the visitors, and use various online tools to keep them updated and connected. Our aim is to increase your exposure to new channels by converting your existing customers into passionate brand ambassadors. To do this, we provide them with a community where they can:

  • Learn about your company
  • Reach out to you for assistance, and
  • Share experiences with other like-minded individuals

At DirectiveGroup, we design community and social websites that will help in widening your business contacts, promoting your services, and increasing your business reputation quickly across the Internet.

We use the following approach while designing your website:

  • Create a social business strategy that aligns with your company's objectives
  • Investigate what your customers need, and
  • Increase your user experience

Our experienced programming team stays ahead of the latest technologies and builds a dynamic website, offering social networking features such as:

  • Social interactions
  • Social community management
  • Content management system
  • Social video
  • Commenting & likes
  • Member database
  • Facebook-promotion
  • Notification systems
  • Self-management profiles

We Strictly Follow a Result-Driven Approach and Do Whatever It Takes to Achieve It

Our objective at DirectiveGroup is centered at growing your social communities organically and exponentially. We follow a strict result-driven approach. For this purpose, we use extensive techniques to statistically assess and analyze the outcomes of our community building efforts for your business. We exercise total transparency in the entire process so that you can be on the same page with us at all times.

Build Your Own Social Network Today

We focus on creating innovative websites that can harness the power of your internal and external audiences and improve your processes and results. Do not treat the potentiality of online communities lightly, launch your website now by utilizing our expertise. Give us a call at 1-866-925-9524 or complete our online form to have an extraordinary customer base.


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