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Your Role: You lead a large organization from an executive-level position.

Your Needs: At minimum, fractional expertise. At most, complete outsource of particular skillsets.

You likely have a reasonably sized internal team of marketers that serve a breadth of functions, including those covering your customer’s experience, customer acquisition and customer engagement. These could include functions specifically focused on Product Marketing, Content Marketing, Marcom including creative, event, PR and the like, Demand Generation, Analytics and Operations, and Customer Marketing for loyalty, retention, upsell, renewal and similar functions. You may or may not integrate digital and offline roles and responsibilities. However you structure your organization, you likely have breadth but you may not have depth.

One of the positives and negatives of this era of marketing is the rapid and explosive growth of digital opportunities. On one hand, each new platform or offering may offer a key that unlocks your next level of success, but on the other hand, the breadth of knowledge required to navigate the morass of options is somewhat staggering. This is probably where your greatest source of frustration lies.

What You Require From a Marketing Agency: A partner who doesn’t need much training and management.

You need a strategic partner, one who can quickly get the big picture, help you determine how they can augment and add to your team’s efforts, and then get going. Not a whole lot of hand-holding and oversight, but real depth in management and reporting against leading indicators and performance KPIs. And one who delivers results and helps you set or maintain a high performance bar, all the while seamlessly coordinating with your team to maximize overall results.

How You Define Success: Growth in internal knowledge and knowhow, achievement of marketing goals.

You likely have the obvious marketing objectives that must be attained and then exceeded. Additionally, you have a need for your team to work efficiently and effectively, and to continually improve their knowledge, capabilities and competencies. If a partner can deliver on both fronts, that is a double win.

After two years in trying different types of advertising - TV, Radio, Newspaper, Flyers, and Post Cards with hardly any results your Internet campaign beats all of my previous advertising hands down.

Charles B. / President / North Carolina Insurance Company

Our Company: DirectiveGroup is about delivering results, and learning how to deliver ever-better results.

Pure and simple, we are an organization that is agile, flexible and we are extraordinarily focused on delivering results for our partner clients. As an agency in a highly dynamic environment, learning, integrating and passing on that knowledge to continually improve the performance internally and with our partner clients simply has to be part of our DNA.

We are a data-driven company and have been so since before that term became sexy. In this day of digital marketing, data is so voluminous that we have coined a new phrase “datawhelm” that describes the state of most our new clients. Our business intelligence and statistics grounding, however, helps us cut through that forest and find the trees that are imperative to your company’s performance. As part of our marketing programs, we help you develop the appropriate, research-based strategy, and then our execution plan is focused on attaining agreed-upon KPI marketing measures, with full transparency, reporting and performance reviews on a monthly (or more frequently if needed) basis.

Our Strengths: Digital marketing business strategy development and integrated tactics execution.

We are digital marketing experts. We have deep capabilities on both the paid advertisement side and the organic side of house, in terms of tactics expertise. Our agility allows us to form the just-right combination of tactical expertise for your needs, and we work against a strategy custom developed just for your situation and environment, yet follow a rigorous service delivery process.

We specialize in complex marketing environments, such as where there are multiple sales and distribution channels, a long or considered sales process, and channel, product and pricing conflict concerns.

How We Work With Our Partner Clients: Closely yet independently.

We look for clients that are seeking fractional expertise or complete ownership of specific deliverables, and who have an interest in understanding the what’s and the why’s, but not so interested in getting into the weeds of tactical execution to know the how’s. We want and need for you to be involved, to help set and agree up direction, to brainstorm initial ideas, and to be part of the feedback loop for performance reporting, as we seek ever-better results through optimization and 'tinkering.'

Why Choose DirectiveGroup?

  • You want an experienced digital marketing agency that is recognized for getting results.
  • You want a partner who thinks in an invested way versus a (boring) ho-hum vendor.
  • You are facing digital disruption or want to drive industry transformation.
  • You consider your digital requirements to be somewhat complex.
  • You realize that you need a strategic approach that is fully integrated.
  • You get it that in the age of 'big data' a data-driven "business intelligence" focus is… well… intelligent.
  • You are or intend to be an industry leader in your category.

Your End-to-End Digital Marketing Partner

At DirectiveGroup, we build solutions that fit your needs. Partner with an agency that is focused on your growth. Either complete our online form or give us a call toll-free at 1-866-925-9524 and find out how our unique approach can lead to transformational growth for your business.


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