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You are a busy Medical Practitioner

In addition to providing top-notice care to your patients, you have an office to run, and you have to grow your practice.

Your day-to-day may looks like this:

  • Admin tasks, phone calls, more admin tasks.
  • Consult with patients - sometimes as many as 6 an hour.
  • Interview new receptionist.
  • Return calls, eat a quick lunch, review new medical studies.
  • See more patients.
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Having trouble finding qualified workers?

Today's office staff are fully integrated members of the healthcare team. Finding qualified people to do this well is a challenge in both small and large practices.

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Administrative Burdens

Many physicians say that mounting paperwork is keeping them from spending enough time with patients.


Healthcare delivery has changed

Delivering top-quality care is still the number one priority. Yet, just as technology has changed every other aspect of our lives, it has caused a dramatic shift in how the management of a practice occurs. Everything from patient records to patient education to advertising must be viewed through a new digital lens.

Did you know?

The EMR/EHR (Electronic medical records/electronic health records) mandate prompted significant growth in health informatics, an interdisciplinary field of study that blends information technology and healthcare. Healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge required to develop, implement, and manage IT software and applications in a medical environment are already in high demand. The field is expected to experience continual growth as practices and regulations become more technologically evolved.

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