Shift Your Mindset: Innovative Strategies for Attracting New Patients

Healthcare marketing has become increasingly complicated. Healthcare consumers are now more educated, highly engaged and fully empowered to make their own decisions. In today's world, healthcare marketers need to proactively develop a dialogue with patients and wellness customers: one that educates, builds trust and that enables them to return to wellness and to stay healthy. Combine this with HIPAA requirements and meaningful use thresholds, and you need a digital partner to help you navigate this labyrinth of options to find the correct mix for your practice or company.

At DirectiveGroup, we implement our wellness digital marketing solutions to increase your visibility in search engines, build your reputation and develop strategies tailored just for you. Unlike most digital agencies, we're focused on metrics that tangibly grow your business, and we continuously measure to prove results.

"More patients seek information online from any other source, including their family care physician."

Google Digital Health Consumer Report

Deliver What Your Patients or Wellness Customers Need from You

What is Your Digital Reputation?

Before a prospective patient calls you on the phone or walks through your clinic's doors, they has likely already looked up your practice online. They have seen your star ratings and they have seen your reviews. What did they find? Amazing as it is, this search is replacing personal recommendations and both volume of reviews and number ratings matter. This incredible need to manage your online reputation must be taken on proactively and immediately.

Are You Attracting the Right Visitors and the Right Number of New Patients?

Inspiring trust among potential patients who are considering your healthcare practice or simply searching for information on the conditions you treat is important when attracting the right visitors. Managing all stages of the selection process is important for you to attract the quality and quantity of new patients you seek.

Can You Easily Be Found?

The truth of the matter is, the top 5 to 10 listings in any search get 90% of the visits. If your website is not there, you are essentially in Internet turmoil. Plus, there is an increasing plethora of tactics you can use to speak to your prospective patients and wellness customers during all phases of their sales process, and both when they are actively seeking information and when they are engaged in other internet activities. There is no reason for you to not prosper online.

Is Your Business on Google My Business, HealthGrades, Vitals, and Other Wellness Directories?

Every wellness, medical and dental program starts with a Google My Business listing, followed by other important local business directory listings and other health-related directories. Optimizing your business page is essential for Google search rankings and showing up on page 1 in Google Maps, and the same is true for all other appropriate citation locations.

Is Your Website Complete and is it Mobile Optimized?

A thorough website assessment and conversion optimization evaluation can quickly tell you about low-hanging fruit to improve your website visitor engagement and action. Importantly, more than 60% of online traffic comes in from mobile. As Google has rolled out algorithm updates rewarding those that have a great mobile user experience and penalizing those that do not, this is more relevant than ever for healthcare businesses.

Are You on Social Media Sites? Do You Promote Broadly Where Patients Are Looking?

Yes, you need to be in social media, especially for building brand awareness and driving conversions for optional procedures. Also, display advertising at important research sites can be just the influential touch your patient or wellness customer needs. With more than half the American population seeking healthcare information online, social media and appropriate display advertising is increasingly influencing the choices health consumers make.

Thanks to the rise of digital technology, mobile and social media, it's now easier than ever to reach out to your patients and develop a lasting impression and rapport. However, this is a process that begins with a thorough understanding of your brand. You need to know how its unique characteristics can best satisfy the needs of an information-seeking marketplace. In short, you need a healthcare marketing specialist.

Rise to the Top of the Medical & Health/Wellness Industry

Google makes at least 300-400 changes to its ranking algorithm every year. Who is helping you keep track of the changes? Who is making sure you're at the top of the search results? And who is making sure what is seen represents the strongest possible reputation, each and every time, vigilantly monitoring and actively managing your digital foot print.

Improving the visibility of your website, increasing your rankings, and generating more traffic is what will put your brand above your competition. Additionally, you have mandates for meaningful use, and you have the need for meeting HIPAA requirements. Successful medical/healthcare marketing programs are comprehensive and they are targeted, built on research and carefully planning, designed to reach informed consumers just when they are seeking what you offer.

DirectiveGroup executes efficient and effective, performance-based marketing campaigns that help healthcare organizations achieve core business objectives. We help healthcare companies attract leads, patients, partners, customers, and advocates as well as nurture them through the marketing to sales funnel.

We help our clients navigate the evolving digital landscape by creating experiences that resonate, inspire and engage their audiences. From SEO and paid search campaigns to social media marketing and reputation management programs, we offer a full range of digital marketing agency capabilities.

Check out all of the wellness digital solutions we have for you:


Search Engine Optimization

Increase the volume and quality of organic traffic to your site through a local medical, health and wellness SEO program.


People now equate online reviews with personal referrals, making it essential that you manage the reputation of your practice and medical providers.


Generate an insane amount of practice or wellness company awareness and engagement that converts in no time.


Paid Display and Search

Proven local search and display methods that will immediately improve your results with no increase in cost.


Online Paid Marketing

Local paid marketing programs designed for healthcare providers that meet your unique geo and target segment needs.


Conversion Optimization & Analysis

Increase engagement, interaction and conversions with your website and digital platform visitors.

Producing Great Patient & Wellness Customer Results

DirectiveGroup has developed, launched and executed successful marketing strategies, programs and campaigns for medical practices, wellness companies and health providers of all types. Let us show you what we can do for your business. Download our complimentary local case studies and see the results for yourself.

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