Master The Digital Space: The Time is Now for National and Global Companies

Businesses that sell products and services nationally or globally, whether B2B or B2C, have complex needs. You require a comprehensive and cohesive digital strategy that serves the different needs of many target segments and – frequently – across multiple channels. Channel or pricing conflict, category and merchandise management for ecommerce sales, long sales cycles that may involve multiple stakeholders – some or all of these challenges are usually also present.

Combine these issues – significant enough on their own – with the radical changes in industry environments as digital transformation, value chain disintermediation and other seismic events continue to threaten your top and bottom line, and it becomes an absolute imperative that your digital agency not only gets it, but can sidle up and meld seamlessly with your team to quickly deliver extremely high value. Enter DirectiveGroup, stage right.

DirectiveGroup is a unique agency that combines top tier business strategy consulting capabilities with digital tactics execution expertise to deliver what is uniquely valued by our mid-size client base, which are companies of between $20mm and $400mm. These companies generally look for a partner relationship that provides fractional expertise for guidance and strategy development, and some level of tactics execution expertise that rounds out the skillsets of an in-house team. Many of our clients are seeking to respond to a digital threat or to grab the opportunities that are popping up with such dramatic environmental change that promises a shakeout in many industries.

"B2B digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers."

McKinsey & Company, 2016

Connect With Your Global & National Customers and Clients

What is Your Digital Opportunity?

Many brands have an extraordinary number of possible or actual irons in the fire… The issue is how to build a directional but flexible strategy that recognizes the opportunities and threats coming from a disruptive environment. And then how to prioritize and develop an execution plan that gets direct sales ecommerce, channel sales and B2B lead gen working effectively to meet your revenue goals.

B2B companies often find that they can use data and content in non-traditional ways to connect with top-of-the-funnel prospects as they begin the long – and often complex – sales cycle. Account- or Persona-based marketing, fully supported by digital tactics and tools, can hyper-charge your results and shave time off the sales cycle. Recently, artificial intelligence has been offering some powerful ways to distill actionable intelligence from the data already being gathered, further increasing the effectiveness through deep digital integration.

What are Your Threats?

Probably the greatest threat many of our clients are facing when they come to us is there is either an actual looming digital disruption or the threat of one has become more tangible. The digitization of our environment is creating irrevocable changes in many industries, collapsing value chains, increasing the number of types of competitors, increasing the pace of change, and much more. In addition, some companies see the opportunity in the possible market share redivision, and so they may be driving the changes as opportunities. Whatever the source of change, now is the time to create a decisive strategic plan and an executable roadmap of tactics.

What Your Customers or Clients Need

National and Global Brands and B2B companies have one reality in common: Their customers or clients are driving change from their quarters also. Why? One of the effects of the advances of many B2C companies in the sales and marketing arenas is that we have all had our expectations raised through superlative customer interfaces, seamless processes, and best-in-class experiences led by giants such as Amazon. Yet the gains made can be learned from, applied, and possibly leadfrogged to become the leader in your space. Are you ready?

This is just a sampling of considerations as you contemplate your next moves in the digital realm. If your business has both front-end and back-end needs to get on your digital roadmap, if you want to be strategic even as you are pushing forward your existing tactics, you need an agency that can match your complex needs with multi-pronged solutions.

Let's Get Started Moving Your Digital Dominance Efforts Boldly Forward

Right now, there is absolutely no doubt that digital is going to be decidedly relevant in the coming years. How will it play out for you is the question. Will you find the unique combination of factors that create an unreplicable advantage? Partner with us, and that will be part of your future.

DirectiveGroup is hyper-focused on making your business the first option for customers and clients seeking your products or services. Our programs are all customized to meet your specific business needs and marketing objectives, helping you to embrace the value of digital on your front end and back end, lifting your performance to new heights.

Check out a sampling of the digital solutions we have for you:


Integrated Marketing Strategies

Discover the unique combination of short- and long-time-to value digital tactics that will deliver maximum ROI results.


Get a company-wide evaluation to identify, prioritize and map out delivery of digitalization projects, a digital channel marketing strategy or a gap analysis report.


Account and Persona Based Marketing

Customized plans to identify, target, evaluate, engage, and nurture to close the clients or types of clients your business seeks.


Database & Ecommerce Websites

Address your needs for complex integration to your website including Partner Portals, CRMs, ERPs, MAPs or other tools.


Amazon Marketing

Develop a smart strategy to engage through Amazon platforms while protecting your interests and other channel relationships.


Ecommerce Marketing

Grow your ecommerce sales through manufacturing centers, shopping feeds and other digital tactics.

Delivering Results to Global and National Brands

DirectiveGroup has developed, launched and executed successful research and consulting projects, integrated digital strategies and roadmaps, and programs and campaigns for numerous Brand and B2B companies. Let us show you what we can do for your business. Download our complimentary case studies and see the results for yourself.

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Rise to the Digital Challenge

At DirectiveGroup, we are your complete digital marketing package. We are here to deliver results and help you exceed your goals. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1-866-925-9524 to start getting your business noticed now.

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