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You'd like more credibility

Are you a new business without a history of great service? Perhaps you just haven't prioritized or getting positive reviews or testimonials?

Here are some ways to build your credibility:

  • Solicit reviews to post online
  • Ask clients for testimonials for your website
  • Use trust factors on your site such as accreditations 6 certifications
  • Create case studies of successfully completed project.
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Third-party awards

Showing awards from reputable third-party sources on your site will boost confidence -- just as it does when customers shop brands in the physical world. These accolades signal your brand has been deemed trustworthy by an impartial reviewer.

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Display certified trust seals

Verified by consumer trust research, users now appreciate the importance of trust seals on websites. Users who view your website for the first time will look for one of these well-known stamps of approval-especially when buying online.

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Solid online reputation

Many consumers won't make purchases from a business which has a poor reputation online. Leverage content marketing to create a strong, personal identity that can be trusted.

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On-site customer reviews

Approximately 61 percent of buyers read customer reviews before they make a purchase. Consumers want to see what others are saying about your product or services before they click submit.


Trustworthy, authoritative, & credible

Selling today requires not only that you and your business to be trustworthy, authoritative and most importantly, credible-but can prove it online. When you are competing against hundreds of other businesses with an online presence, it comes down how you are perceived.

Be social

Social media is now a dominant force in the effort for online credibility. With care, you can use social media to address customer concerns, prospect questions and even bad reviews. Always be authentic and transparent, use your social platforms to listen to customers, prospects and fans and engage with them. Most importantly, respond to any questions you get in a timely manner.

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