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Are you an executive with too much to do and not a clue on how to apply strategic steps to get your business noticed online? Struggling to find where your customers are? Not sure who you should target and on what social media platform?

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Our goal is simple. Create short, actionable and meaningful online marketing podcasts that puts you in the driver seat. We share with you what's important and what to focus on so you can carry out a sensible plan that works.

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No more asking that 17 year old kid how to work on the Twitter. You'll gain the basic knowledge you need to carry on the social conversations with ease to give your company online exposure.

Since the growth of search engines, social media platforms and online mobile apps, you can no longer afford not knowing what to do. You must forge ahead by applying tactical strategies and tips that will put you toe to toe with the best of them.

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Ep.146 – What Can a Digital Agency Do for Me

Lately, we at LocalDirective have been working with several companies that are looking for new or updated taglines. And, even we are considering a change to our long-lived tagline, “we mean more business.” Taglines can serve many different purposes, from providing a clarifying and pithy statement of purpose or a slogan, to communicating a company’s guiding principle or belief. What they have in common, though, is that they are intended to influence buying behavior by connecting on an emotional level.

What surprises most people is that taglines can be changed over time. Many think that taglines (and even logos, for that matter) are written in stone, never to be changed once developed. The truth is that taglines can and should change… and they should be changed more frequently than should logos. The reason is that it is imperative they remain fresh in a marketplace that is constantly changing.

Even though … Continue Reading

Ep. 145 – Review Management Case Study with 16th Street Dental

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From time to time, LocalDirective team members will share their views on a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, Kim discusses her experience relating to access for paid search data. 

Not many people would be surprised to hear that Google has been blocking visibility into organic keywords as this privacy measure has been in place for about a year now. Long before the official announcement was even made, SEO experts forecasted this change. But, one question has remained for advertisers everywhere, “Will Google block search terms for PPC campaigns?”

This Search Engine Watch article, written by Jennifer Slegg, provides perspectives from Google as well as other key industry leaders.

A few months ago, Google made the official announcement stating they would soon be blocking access to paid search keyword data. Since then, I’ve been methodically watching and monitoring visibility from the most popular sources that provide paid search … Continue Reading

Ep.144 – Power of Review Management

Power of Review Management by DirectiveGroup podcast banner

From time to time, team members will share their views stimulated from a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, our Director of Paid Marketing, Kim Figor, discusses an Inc. article by contributor, Sally Hogshead “How to Crank Out a Fascinating Idea in 60 Seconds or Less.”

If I were a betting woman, I would be willing to bet that most people, if not all, struggle from time to time in coming up with ideas on topics to write about or the topic might be there, but the words escape them. I know for myself, this is true. Many times, the most difficult task of writing is deciding what to write about. This task becomes even more challenging for me when I’m up against deadlines.

Of course, more times than not, the reason I’m up against these deadlines is that I couldn’t decide what to write about, so … Continue Reading

Ep.143 – Fundamentals for Powerful Inbound Marketing Strategy

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The lazy days of summer are fast coming to an end.  Vacations are just about over, the kids will be returning to school…in short, it is almost time for the autumn selling season.  The question is: will your business be poised to capture a burst of year end revenue growth?

If not, August is time for you to roll into action.  If you have been considering a website revitalization, now is the time to act.  Did you know that the average person gives you only about eight seconds to capture their interest once they’ve landed on your website?  And, over 40% of people say they will not do business with a company that does not have an internet presence?  Even more interesting, a study by the preeminent Forrester Research indicates that a website redesign can yield a Return-On-Investment of anywhere from 70-500 percent!

Once you have a web destination … Continue Reading

Ep.142 – When Was Your Last Marketing Audit?

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Search engines are getting smarter and SEOs must do the same. Google started using machine-learning to help process search results and consequently, digital marketing has become a lot more complicated and has forced SEOs to also become marketers.

How does Google use machine learning?

RankBrain is Google’s machine-learning, artificial intelligence system. Its primary purpose is to help sort the search results to give users the best possible answers to their queries. Google’s primary purpose, beyond not being evil, is to make money – it’s a company and companies need to make money. For Google to do that, they need users to continue searching on their engine, seeing ads, and coming back repeatedly. If they want users to keep coming back, they have to give them what they want quickly and with as little friction as possible. That’s where machine learning comes in.

Understanding query intent.

One of RankBrain’s primary … Continue Reading

Ep.141- How To Increase Your Sites Conversion Rate

Google Ads is the new moniker of the erstwhile Google Adwords. But the aim of the rebranded Google paid search ad service remains the same- to “help businesses of all sizes connect with relevant customers across all of our channels and partner sites,” through the introduction of Smart Ads and other automated features.

So, why the change and what does it really mean for users?
With mobile becoming a huge part of daily life, most people jump from device to device or channel to channel. The consumer journey is highly fragmented, as people switch from clicking on display ads to performing brand searches, then discovering and watching videos or digging deeper through the content, to going back to the website to purchase maybe. Marketers have multiple opportunities to reach consumers where they want to be reached across different channels, screens and formats. Google has a treasure trove of consumers’ personal … Continue Reading

Ep. 135 – Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

2012 – This is your year to experience abundance in the ROI of your online marketing efforts. As I mentioned last month, there are many factors that will contribute to the success or failure of a paid search campaign. Last month we talked about the importance of keyword selection as it pertains to relevancy and budget. This month we will be following up with a discussion about grouping keywords.

How Important Is It To Group Your Keywords By Theme?

Think about it this way. What would happen if you went to the grocery store and the dairy products weren’t grouped with the dairy products? What if the meat products were grouped with the cookies? It would be utter chaos. Imagine how long it would take you to find the item you wanted. Don’t bother to ask an employee. If the items are not grouped together in a logical order, … Continue Reading

4 Fundamental Engagement Tactics In B2B Marketing

Technology has played an important role in transforming the manufacturing industry. The most common question every business faces is when they should invest in technology and where they should invest. Investing too early or too late in technology can prove non-productive for your business. Also, often you get overwhelmed by the various technology offerings available and the value addition provided by these offerings. Every offering often has unique features which provide a varied value addition to your business. From a business stand point, timing the technology investment and choosing the right avenues to invest play a vital role in maximizing the ROI from technology investment. Here are few indicators which could help you in timing your technology investment.

Scalability Issues

The most important indicator for any business to invest in technology is the scalability issues it comes across. Managing the existing resources and attaining the optimal output using the existing … Continue Reading

Ep. 133 – Effective Web Design Principles for Usability

PPC is short for pay-per-click, wherein advertisers have to pay a publisher, like Google, a given fee each time someone clicks on their ad. These ‘Sponsored Ads’ are displayed on the search engine results pages whenever a user does a search for their relevant keyword(s). The idea is to leverage PPC ads to drive targeted search engine traffic to an optimized PPC landing page and prompt an action. These specially designed landing pages have strong call-to-action and inspire the visitor to click on the CTA button to take specific actions such as Buy Now, Subscribe, Email Us, Call Today, etc.

Over 60% of users with the intent of purchasing a product find PPC ads most relevant to their search and are more likely to click on it instead of organic search results. Users reaching your landing page by clicking a paid ad are 50% more likely to click on your … Continue Reading

Ep. 130 – 3 Ways To Gain More Instagram Followers

Although some of our clients thrive during the summer, most dread the inevitable decrease in business during the summer season. Seasonality always plays an important role in how well any business thrives during any time period. Why?

We all know that consumers’ needs change seasonally, or for the purpose of this article, during the summer. Summer is the time when most people (unless you live in the desert) spend more time outdoors, take more vacations and are even more spontaneous.

In the summer, people tend to change their habits. They eat less, eat light foods and tend to eat foods that take less preparation time. They are more aware of what they consider to be imperfections of their bodies. They may exercise more or spend more time in salons and spas.

Another obvious change is wardrobe. Consumers tend to wear lighter colored clothing that breathes, open-toed shoes…and the ties get … Continue Reading