March 31, 2016

Because there are two facilities with different names under a parent company with a third name, the site needed to accurately represent the individual personality of each facility and the group as a whole. Two subdomains were created that presented the character of each home and supplemented the main section which featured the parent group.


Being self-motivated is a trait that very few can confidently say they have. This is largely because as humans, we often try to make massive change once we realize something isn't right. After you become aware of what needs to be changed, the mind has a way of overreacting and using the "cold turkey" approach .


Imagine you want to send a valuable item to your friend. You have big enough box on which you can place several padlocks. You both have enough padlocks but the problem is that you don’t have keys to padlocks of the other one.How do you send the valuable item so that it doesn’t go unlocked?

Notable Character and Qualities of a Great Leader

A lot of content has been written about various skillsets good leaders possess. The Internet is chocked full of opinions from just about everyone. Millions of dollars have been made from the sales of hundreds of thousands of books on this topic.

Briefly, a few online opinions I stumbled upon include: be fearless and inspirational, use vision and values, create the right culture, listen, remain visible, be authentic and transparent, learn from failure, etc.

Marketing Definitions 101

Do you experience a certain level of confusion when it comes to the myriad of marketing terms?  How about something as simple as the difference between the term ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising?’


You’re not alone. A good many use various related terms interchangeably. But, although they are similar, they refer to different actions.

It’s a good idea to distinguish the difference in order to communicate effectively with others in your organization and to better comprehend the nuances of your marketing strategies and activities.

Lost Customers Are Not A Lost Cause: Why And How To Win Them Back

Although dependent upon the industry, did you know that many businesses lose up to 40-percent of their customers each year? Though you’re certainly aware that you are experiencing a level of churn, I’ll bet you’re pretty shocked at how high those numbers can get.


A few years ago, The Griffin Group conducted a customer loss survey and reported these startling statistics:


71% of marketing and sales executives had no process for identifying customers who have defected;

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