Is Your Internet Marketing An Uncharted Trip Into The Wild Blue Yonder?
From my experience, for many companies large and small it is just that. They move forward with well-intentioned but poorly planned websites, pay per click (search engine marketing), search engine optimization, social media marketing and perhaps email campaigns. All of that is done without out knowing exactly where they rank today with their internet marketing, how they rank and compare with their competitors, or how they could improve.

Would you take a road trip across country or to the far reaches of Canada or Mexico without a GPS or map of some type? If not then why do it for your internet marketing? In either case you can very well get lost or not be successful without a map. Did you know you can get a comprehensive evaluation of your website, SEM, SEO as well as SMM? Out of that evaluation you get a map as to where you are at with recommendations as to what makes the most sense going forward. It's called an Integrated Online Marketing Evaluation and is well worth the fee charged to have experts do one for you. It is integrated in that it considers all aspects of your online marketing. If you fragment your efforts by having one company build your website, you or another company design your search engine marketing and yet others execute your search engine optimization or social media marketing programs you will have just that, fragments that don't work very effectively together. I'm biased, however I believe coordinating with LocalDirective who has experts in all areas to coordinate and integrate across internet marketing specialties will give you your best results in the long run. They can do the evaluation, develop your map and illuminate the right direction.

When will you be ready to integrate and optimize your online marketing efforts and chances for success? It's only November however it could very well be an excellent time for a New Year's resolution that begins before the New Year. Get an edge on your competition by integrating and coordinating your online marketing efforts.

Success to you in 2013!
Don't Let Conducting Business Cause You To Fail Your Customers
This is the time of the year when I (probably like most people) reflect back on the past 11 months. I ponder my accomplishments, the goals that fell to the wayside and of course, those people (especially my clients) that have touched my life this year. I wonder if they know how much they are truly appreciated. The question I am left with is "What could I have done better?"

This year, I am convinced that one thing I could have done better was to show my clients my gratitude for trusting me with at least a portion of their marketing dollars. I could have done a better job ensuring they know, without a doubt, how much I value them.

I'm going to make a huge assumption here that I'm not the only person who gets caught up in the everyday "business as usual" mentality and falls short on showing my appreciation. Here are some suggestions that may help to help stimulate some ideas and transform your thinking from "all business" to "how to show customers gratitude". Read More.
I Guarantee It! Does That Really Matter?
When was the last time you were in conversation with an SEO Agency/Consultant or Internet Marketing Firm that "guaranteed" to get you to the top of Google? My guess is it's not been that long as these companies are still out there en mass, and are willing to sell you the sky, the moon, and the ground you trod.

While these guarantees appear to minimize your risk, that's all it is, an appearance. It comes back to the first lesson I learned in marketing:

MoJo Marketing Lesson #1: There are no cookie cutter solutions to effective marketing.

What this means is there is no "secret sauce" or "silver bullet" or "magic formula" to get your business successful. Marketing is about testing. In the end, the one thing that matters most is if your marketing efforts are increasing your business. Read More.
Incredible Results
See how a multi-site orthopedic practice was able to see amazing results with a LocalDirective Integrated Marketing Program.

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