What Does SEO And A Book Have In Common?
By: Vicki Donnowitz

Is the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) confusing? Are you not really sure what it means? SEO can be very complex and hard to understand or explain. I was enlightened this past week when Zain, our Director of SEO, simply explained that website SEO is just like a book. A light bulb went on in my head and I thought; "Now that is an easy way to explain the concept of SEO".

A book and SEO have much more in common than you think and it makes very logical sense. SEO can sometimes be hard to explain and complex to understand. Below is a list of analogies (between a book and SEO) that makes SEO easy to understand and remember, even for non-technical people. Read More.
The Wrath of Penguin 2.0
By: Zain Shah

For most people, the 23rd of May was just another Thursday. Everyone was waiting for Friday and the long weekend ahead. For internet marketers, the 23rd was marked by another infamous Google update; Penguin 2.0. The new update (humorously labeled after a black and white animal to showcase it's impact on black hat techniques) is the most comprehensive Google update to date. Previously, Penguin 1.0 only targeted the homepage of a website. With the latest update, Google is hitting out at internal pages as well. In addition, the update is also attacking contested industries, where spam is more prevalent (such as Pay Day Loans in the UK). One thing is for certain, if you have been using questionable SEO techniques, you are in for quite an eventful summer. How do you know if your website (or your client's websites) has been hit by this new update? Well, for one, check your rankings. If they dropped for your targeted keywords on the 23rd of May, you can be quite certain your site was hit. Also check for traffic. Do you see a significant drop in traffic around the 23rd of May? If so, then that's another telltale sign of a hit. On the other hand, fluctuations within 1-2 positions is quite normal in the on-line marketing world. Anything more and you can be quite sure that your site was hit with the update. According to MozCast (a system developed by SEOmoz to track algorithm fluctuations), the industries affected the most by this update are Retail & General Merchandise and Real Estate. SEOmoz has a collection of data from multiple industries (according to industry breakdown by AdWords), where they constantly track ranking fluctuation. Its only a small sub-set of data, but it does shed some meaningful light on algorithmic changes. Read More.
Incredible Results
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