SEO - It's Not All About Ranking?
How to tell if your Adwords campaign is working?
Your Website Doesn't Convert? Where Is It Really Failing?

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Your Internet Marketing - Is It Effective?

This month we focused on exploring how to determine if your Internet Marketing is being effective. Be sure to review the glossary of internet marketing KPI's. The following articles explore the primary areas: SEO, Websites and Adwords (PPC).?

Keep in mind, your specific areas of measurement will vary based on your specific goals. If you want to explore whether your efforts are being effective, give us a call at (866) 925-9525.

SEO - It's Not All About Ranking?

As we wrap up the discussion of the Internet Marketing KPI's, let's finish by discussing what to look for when you're engaged in an SEO campaign.

It Starts With Ranking, But Doesn't End There

The easy metric to measure in SEO is keyword ranking. Are you ranking higher today than you have in the past? When we consider ranking, there are now more variables to how ranking works than even a year ago.

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How To Tell If Your Adwords Campaign Is Working?

Your performance will only be as good as your ability to measure and track your results. You know the saying, "You can't manage what you don't measure." But what do you measure in Adwords? What are the important key performance indicators and how do you measure SEM performance?

Adwords has a lot of bells and whistles but we'll focus on 5 core metrics and why they're critically important to the success of your Adwords campaign.


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Your Website Doesn't Convert? Where Is It Really Failing?

You have seemingly endless possibilities for determining how your website is performing. There are hits, visits, length of time on page, bounces, and many more measurements. But assuming you don't have endless hours to look at data you may be wondering what numbers matter.

The short answer depends.

It depends on the type of website. But I'll point out a few of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can help you measure the effectiveness of your website with quantifiable and actionable results.


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