April 28, 2017

Business Overview

Product treats white spots on skin associated with sun exposure.

Website Goals

Create a new website that explains product's uses, benefits, facts, and warnings. Sell single product online.


Don't be a know-it-all. Be this instead.

Since taking over as CEO just three years ago, Microsoft's Satya Nadella has used a combination of effective leadership and brilliant business moves to return the tech company to relevance.


You are standing next to three switches.
You know these switches belong to three bulbs in a room behind a closed door – the door is tight closed, and heavy which means that it's absolutely impossible to see if any bulb is on or not. All three switches are now in position off.

Top Internet Marketing Techniques Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

The Internet has become the most important and vital source of information for everyone around the world. Now people prefer to search everything online, instead of looking at directories and going through Yellow Pages. If you already have an online business presence, you must be aware of all the benefits your business can avail from it.

Rich Snippets: An SEO Strategy to Improve Your Website's SEO Performance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies change regularly as search engines like Google continue to modify their algorithms to improve results. And businesses care about quality website traffic, with improved click-through rates for search results that impact the bottom line. An essential component of SEO success is the underutilized function of rich snippets to generate more site traffic from the SERPs by improving the appearance of the listing, providing more information to the user, and increasing page visibility.

11 Surprising Reasons You Should Smile Every Day - Commentary

If you are like the millions of people who are looking for ways to grow and improve themselves, you probably have already figured out you don't need to look very far. Two minutes on the internet is proof of this. Anyone looking to improve their lives doesn't have to look far. But did you know that something as simple as a smile can help you achieve many of your goals?

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