How to Choose the Right Web Development Agency for Your B2B Company

For a growing company like yours, the list of business priorities, challenges and ideas never ends. As you prioritize business objectives driven by market demands, emerging technologies, stiff competition and evolving customer behaviors, your website must be solid and at the same time flexible to support your online business goals.

Give Your Website the Attention It Deserves and It Will Pay You Back

Studies show that in B2B transactions 57% of the buying decision has been made before engaging with Sales. To get the highest ROI from your website, you must treat it as a key sales tool assisting the buying process. And even after you closed the sale, can your website continue to serve your customers, vendors and partners in a way that makes their life easier? Does it reassure them that they made the best decision working with you? Does it save you money by automating tasks and enhancing customer service? Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Web Development Agency for Your B2B Company”

Game On! US Manufacturing On The Rise

Manufacturing Factory

According to a recent study by Boston Consulting Group, the United States manufacturing sector has been making huge strides in the last 5 years to become more competitive in the global manufacturing space. According to this study, in 2004 manufacturing cost 14% less in China than in the United States. AS of January 2014, that gap had narrowed to 5%. The study also concluded that by 2018, manufacturing will cost less in the United States than in China.

While this is exceptional news for US manufacturers, it means that domestic competition is going to increase, and the already changing market is going to shift in the way it does business.

The Old World Is Passing – The New World is Dawning.

Whether we’re talking early supply chain manufacturers, or lower chain distributors, the landscape of manufacturing is changing. According to the 2013 Digital Use In The Industrial Sector report from … Continue reading