Lessons Learned: #AlexFromTarget

If you have been paying attention this week, you will know that a picture of a young man working at Target, Alex, has been going viral.

#alexfromtarget has really taken Twitter by storm this week, and it is amazing what having the right connections can do to influence people.

As we are watching this young man now grapple with what is fame, we can learn some things about marketing.

#1 Real life is still awesome…share it!

This all started with a simple picture of this young man working at Target. It appears he did not even know his picture was being taken; he was just doing his job. Rather, this was just a real guy, with a mediocre picture taken in a real setting.

What this tells us is that for the right audiences, … Continue reading

2013’s Biggest Investment In Marketing

The people on your team are your greatest marketing asset. As a marketing professional I get the pleasure of seeing what a lot of businesses do to help promote their businesses. From saturation mailing, to radio spots, to websites, PPC and social media, I’ve seen it all. What surprises me most is how many businesses oversee their most important marketing asset.

Value Those Who Invest In Your Business

Your team, whether you have consultants, temps, contractors, or full-time employees give your business the one thing they can never get back: their time. Given that, they can be your most powerful asset as well as your most threatening detractor.

Here are some tips for how to get the most marketing benefit from your team.

1. Encourage Your Team To Talk

One of the biggest fears companies have is of their team talking about them online, especially on social media. While there is a bit of a risk if your employees aren’t … Continue reading