More Than A Just Venice – The February 2012 Update To Google

Last week a large number of changes to the way Google ranks and displays search results was rolled out. Many Search Engine Optimization specialists have focused on one piece of the update, codenames “Venice”, and have not looked at the 39 other parts. When you categorize the list of updates you will start to see an interesting trend. Many of the other parts of this update actually dovetail with the Venice update, making it even easier for small websites to compete than many SEOs realize.

The Venice Update – Making General Searches Local

To understand why Venice is more powerful than many realize, you first need to know what it does on its own. Google defines Venice in a nutshell as, “Improvements to ranking for local search results.” What this really means is that local businesses will be better able to compete against large, 800 Pound Gorilla, websites for … Continue reading