Whatever Else You Do, Integrate Twitter With Business Marketing In 2015

Depositphotos_10159093_xsBusinesses often wonder how much 140 characters are worth in terms of a general marketing plan, but Twitter continues to be a social media powerhouse. From the time the Ellen DeGeneres selfie broke Twitter on Oscar night this year, it was obvious to all marketers that real time marketing on Twitter was a force to be harnessed. Businesses need a Twitter marketing strategy that leverages visual media, builds their brands, and cultivates opportunities to make personal connections.

What you may not know is that Twitter is considered to be one of the most engaged social networks for post-click interaction, as in if someone clicks on your link via Twitter they are more likely to spend time on your site, click on more of your pages, and engage with your content.

So if your business is trying to drive traffic to its website, it is time to turn to Twitter, which … Continue reading

Google Plus Local – Local Businesses Must Play Ball or Go Home

Google is always up to something and let’s just say Google is at it again. This time the changes affect local businesses and how customers find and interact with you. Google Places has officially been retired and the new and improved Google Plus Local is taking over, but the main question on everyone’s mind is how does this affect Local Businesses in the future?

Google Plus Local?

Google Plus Local is the new way for local businesses to show up in the results when customers are shopping for your services or products in your area. Google is integrating Google Plus, its social networking site into local search results. Googel Plus Local Plus 1

Google Plus Local is supposed to be a more social, interactive and streamlined experience then the current Google Places. Friends and customers will be able to comment and rate on the pages and results will also include reviews from Zagat a popular … Continue reading

Why You Should Consider A Database Driven Website

If you are building a website or redesigning your old one, you should consider building a database driven website. Most people think that only “large” websites should be database driven, but even the smallest website could benefit. Database driven sites give you easy access to your website’s content which can reduce support and maintenance costs. They also allow for a much richer, interactive user experience.

What Is A Database Driven Website?

In order to understand database driven websites, you must first understand the difference between a static website and a dynamic website.

A static website has its content stored on the web file system. A static website is just as the name implies – a website that doesn’t change very often. People often refer to these as “brochure” websites because the information is presented in the same way. Typically when a static website is changed a web programmer, or … Continue reading

2012 – The Year of Social Search

Social signals are playing an increasing role in organic SERP performance. We’ve discussed in the past how we expect social signals to influence search results in the near future. In the middle of 2011 Bing integrated Facebook signals as part of its algorithm. Announced yesterday, Google is now counting Google+ as part of their metrics when the user (person searching) is logged in.

With this in mind, there are some very specific things you’ll want to consider as you begin implementing that well thought out marketing plan for 2012:

It’s All About Content

If this is the first article you’ve read about websites, SEO, or social media, one thing you’ll see over and over is that it’s all about content. You must produce content your audience is going to want and, more importantly, want to share.

This content can come in many forms. Many people think of traditional content on a website. Also a the top of mind is usually the … Continue reading

Is the SEO Game Changing?

Over the last couple years, Google has made several significant changes, just take a look at the infographic below.
Now add to this list a new change that’s on the horizon: Google +1.

This new addition is the merging of organic and paid search with social interactions. Here’s the theory:

You’re doing a search, and you really like one of the results. You hit the “+1” button. This now adds a “bookmark” in your profile for that site, increases how it performs in search for you, and increases how it performs in search for everyone in you Google network.

Google posted on their official blog last Wednesday the announcement with this explanation:

Our goal at Google is to get you the most relevant results as quickly as possible. But relevance is about relationships as well as words on webpages.

Does this really matter?

It’s really too early to tell … Continue reading