The Great Performance Shuffle – Part 4

SEO – It’s Not All About Ranking?

Seeing an increase in non-branded traffic is the first step to effective SEO.
Is your SEO program increasing your site traffic for non-branded terms, or just getting ranking?

As we wrap up the discussion of the Internet Marketing KPI’s, let’s finish by discussing what to look for when you’re engaged in an SEO campaign.

It Starts With Ranking, But Doesn’t End There

The easy metric to measure in SEO is keyword ranking. Are you ranking higher today than you have in the past? When we consider ranking, there are now more variables to how ranking works than even a year ago.

Some options that will affect how you rank are not always intentionally set by the user, but can be used by a dishonest provider to show artificial visibility. As you explore ranking with a provider, be sure to ask about the following:

  1. Do the results come from standard or personalized results? Personalized results means if I click on your link, your site will show higher for me the next time I do the same search.
  2. Are the results local or national? Google, by default, will set a user’s location to where it believes the person is, and then will serve up local results first (this was part of the Venice Update). If you depend on local traffic, you want to be sure you’re visible to your local audience, which may be different than the national audience.

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The Great Performance Shuffle – Introduction

What do you measure in Internet Marketing?

How many times have you wondered if your Internet Marketing was effective? Whether you only have a website, you’re running PPC campaigns, you’re doing SEO, are engaged in Social Media, or are email marketing (just to name a few), you need to know what to measure.

This series of posts, coming over the next several weeks, will explore the what’s and how’s of measuring your effectiveness.

Define “Well Performing”

Despite what some believe, there is not a single definition of well performing. When you work with an integrated marketing team, one of the first exercises you’ll go through is defining your goals. Ultimately, the result is the same, to increase the bottom line. However, the next step removed from that will vary depending on your company, product line, target audience, buying cycle, and much more.

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