The Great Performance Shuffle – Part 2

How to tell if your Adwords campaign is working?

Google Search

Your performance will only be as good as your ability to measure and track your results. You know the saying, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” But what do you measure in Adwords? What are the important key performance indicators and how do you measure SEM performance?

Adwords has a lot of bells and whistles but we’ll focus on 5 core metrics and why they’re critically important to the success of your Adwords campaign.

Here are 5 metrics you should be focused on to get the most out of your Adwords campaign.

  • Conversions – This is the one we don’t have to tell you about as every business owner and marketer is obsessed with conversions, but the secret to this number is to understand how much a conversion means to your business in dollars. Especially if a conversion from
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Is PPC Killing Your Budget?

Search Engine Marketing (or SEM), also known as pay-per-click (or PPC) marketing, has been looked at with disdain by many business executives and marketing professionals. Why? It’s easy to spend a large marketing budget and not see a return on investment.

Like any type of marketing, SEM is not something you build and walk away from and hoping to keep seeing a return. Rather, an effective SEM campaign must be something that evolves, and conforms to the trends of current search traffic. Here are a few surefire ways to make sure your SEM program is at peak performance:

Have quantitative measures of ROI. There are many metrics you can look when analyzing an SEM program. You can look at ad impressions, ad clicks, cost per click and many other numbers. The most important, however, is conversion. To measure conversion, you must have the program setup correctly. While conversions are easy … Continue reading