Is Your Marketing Going To Pay Off?

It's important to calculate the ROI of any marketing you do. Face it: everyone has a limited marketing budget. While one limit may be higher than another, everyone has a limit at some point. The question for every marketing program will inevitably be: is this going to pay off?

This is a fantastic question, and one that needs to be addressed closely before the launch of any campaign. However, it’s not as easy as looking at the cost of a product or service and the cost per click to determine the immediate value and if the marketing is going to pay for itself. Here are several steps you should consider as you think through any marketing program or campaign.

Budget, Cost & Value

It’s pretty easy to determine the cost of an acquisition, as well as your immediate profit (or loss). What’s more challenging to determine is what budget you should have for your campaign. Here are the components you need … Continue reading

Assisted Conversions: Stop Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water!

Every marketer is tasked with identifying the marketing vehicle(s) that will result in the most revenue at the lowest cost. During discussions with my clients regarding this endeavor, I often hear pains of frustration. This frustration is primarily caused by the inability to accurately identify a direct marketing path to a sale. The reality is that in today’s world, this direct path seldom exists.

Understanding how assisted conversions work and what the data means will help to minimize a lot of the frustration.

Is Your ROI Going Up or Down?

It’s fairly easy to identify the last touch point or sometimes even the first touch point a consumer makes prior to purchasing or even the first touch point. However, when looking at these touch points alone, many marketers find themselves in situations where they are spending more and generating less revenue. Why is this?

It’s easy to assume that the … Continue reading

Use Reports & Get The Best ROI For Your Online Marketing Budget

Everyone knows that when determining the value of a marketing initiative they must look at the bottom line or the return on investment (ROI) of the budget. Of course, at the end of the day, the ROI is all that really matters. After working with hundreds of clients, I’ve concluded that many marketing professionals overlook the performance indicators that lead up to the final conversion. When these key indicators are managed correctly, the highest ROI is achieved in the least amount of time. In their Adwords interface, Google offers several reports to help marketers understand these performance indicators so that campaigns can be tweaked for optimal performance.

Reporting is a very essential part of online marketing. By using reports to analyze performance, search engine marketers can optimize their accounts by changing bids, adding or pausing keywords, rotating in new ad copy, etc. This article will help you to become familiar … Continue reading